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New Year Day, January 1, is the day everyone thinks of New Year Resolutions; some make the resolutions and many more recall those made last year but not

Some resolve not to make New Year Resolutions. All realise that very few can implement all resolutions. Many know that the resolutions are just the promises you make yourself and not a guarantee of action. No one makes a resolution with an intention to break it and no one thinks it is binding to follow every resolution strictly.

Why then are resolutions made at all?  Why on  New Year Day?

A new year is like turning a new leaf. The end of the old year is belie

ved to be a break with the past. The resolutions are expression of a desire to seriously implement them. Most people know, however, that they would not do it.

Topping the list is the intention to stop smoking or drinking. The resolve to study, in case of students, or write, in case of writers, for fixed hours every day comes next. Those who resolve know they would not be able to do it. The craving for the ‘cancer stick’ or the ‘just one peg’ is a biological one, rarely under control. The writer’s block breaks the other resolve.

So instead of  making the new year resolutions and breaking them, journalist-author Laura Venderkan, in her book ‘168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think‘, about the 168 hours of a week, suggests making a list of “100 dreams.” They may including some you have already achieved, some which you feel you should do,  like  10 places you must visit, 10 skills you want to acquire, 10 books you want to read etc., without debating how impossible some of them are.

Once the list is made,  come back to it once a week or oftener, striking off what has been already achieved and working out how to start on the others. If, after starting some you feel the tasks were not life-changing or what you imagined them to be, you can strike them off.

One can increase the list to 1000 dreams. A time-management chart is provided on the author’s website ‘‘.  A way to study time use for different activities like work to earn and what most modern parents fail to do adequately – like spending quality time with their children – is suggested.

New year resolutions have become the subject of many jokes. Most people making them know they would not keep them,  The 100 dreams list seems to be a more practical alternative.

So make a New Year Resolution: instead of resolving to do what you know you will not, list your 100 dreams.

Some dreams do come true,






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