Emperor of The World

donald-trump-bankruptcy-lies-rThis is the dreaded day. Forces of history and social-economic factors have made Donald Trump the President of the United States of America.

With America emerging one of the prosperous countries and the most powerful in the world and Trump the most powerful there, he therefore becomes the modern equivalent of the Emperor of the Word.

And today is the ‘coronation’ of that ’emperor’ who takes over from Barack Obama, the first Afro-American in the White House. The US and the world eagerly await Trump’s acceptance speech.

All who listened to it – even the many who vowed to boycott it – were boundposter-sized_portrait_of_barack_obama_origres to compare it with that of Obama, which the whole world had admired as historic. The fact that Obama is one of the world’s best orators  made Trump’s acceptance speech pale out in comparison, though everyone knows it is the handiwork of expert speech writers.

The issue, however, is not of oratory. The best of oratory may not be reflected in action. Many feel that Obama, with the best of intentions and words to express them, could not do what all he wanted. A  Republican senate and the growing strength of hate-mongers  who believed in guns and White supremacy were his stumbling blocks.

The rise of Trump is often compared to the coming to power of  Narendra   Modi. The similarity ends with both riding the rightist wave and the support of conservatives –the evangelists of Church in the US and the Hindustva forces in India.

In contrast to the politically aware educated and ‘intellectual’ middle class which brought Modi to power in India, it was the blue collared workers fed up with the ‘mess’ made by politicians who voted Trump to power.

While  twice-divorced Trump is known more for his temperamental outbursts, crude speaking, misogyny and stand against immigrants and minorities, Modi, who had walked out of the wedlock,.is more articulate, did more for women those and has not succumbed to provocations of the pseudo-secular forces to speak out against the minorities.

Both Modi and Trump faced the tirade of those opposed to him. Donald Trump has been called a Russian Poodle and  opponent of Press freedom. Modi is called the puppet of RSS.

Modi is consistent in his views on major issues. Trump “used to be pro-choice, then suggested that women should be punished for getting an abortion.” He  was pro-war on Iran and then said he opposed it.

Modi was accused on inaction on Pakistan and black money but provided critics wrong by decisive action on both fronts. Trump “blustered about building a wall and banning Muslims but won’t do either, because those ideas are unworkable,” says a political analyis

Trump won despite a strong and experienced opponent who presented America with a chance to make history by electing the first woman President and Modi because the alternative was an inexperienced, immature leader from a dynasty.

After both victories the opponents said the results would be disastrous – that the two countries would lose their positions in the comity of nations. Almost all the Trump appointments to were inappropriate. Columnist Charles M.Blow said “he assembled a team of billionaires and bigots”. Modi picked some ministers who have been doing an excellent job.

Qartz‘ quotes Alex Pareene predicting in ‘Deadspin‘, that as US president Trump will fail both as a conservative mouthpiece and as a white nationalist: “He will instead tweet for hours about which celebrity slighted him this week,” he wrote and added, “Republicans will do better to install Mike Pence and implement the full conservative agenda”.

The doomsday soothsayers may be wrong. A strong political system that the US has built up could ensure that inexperience and impulsiveness will not let Donald Trump take disastrous decision that would cause permanent damage to his country and to the world.

Despite Trump’s silly statement that he would accept the electorate’s verdict only if he himself got elected and not otherwise, President Obama had said the poll result as “not an apocalypse.” He said the time for ranting was s over, and it was time to accept the inevitable.

In India, however, the ranting continues.


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