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India is a vast land of such great diversity that we learn new things about the customs and practices in different parts of the country every day.

But for the social media and word wide web, many would not have known that slapping a

grave is a form of taking an oath. We had read of Chanakya taking an oath by untying a tuft of hair on his shaven head and saying he would not rest till the dictatorial regime of Nand dynasty was eradicated. He fulfilled his oath by installing Chandragupta Maurya as the Emperor of what would taker develop into India.

Convicted by India’s apex and sent to jail, cutting short her ambition of heading one of the most important states of India, V. K. Sasikala went to the ‘samadhi’ (grave) of the former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and ‘Amma’ of millions in that state, J. Jayalalithaa and “slapped the grave thrice” to affirm her oath, reports said.

Whether it was an oath to return to power or destroy her detractors is not knowm. From the manner it was done, it could have also been a curse on those who dared question her right as the former housekeeper to take over the empire of ill-gotten wealth which ‘Amma’ had built up as well as her post as the CM.

And, ending up as a CM (candle maker) in the Parapana Agrahara jail of Bangalore, she revealed a custom which I was not aware of in 58 years in journalism — of slapping a grave to take an oath.

The picture of her slapping the grave, which went viral, gave rise to many jokes on line.

One said she was knocking on the door, till she heard ‘Amma’ say from inside, “Come in”, For all her grave crimes, the grave was not her destination. Another says she vented her anger, beating the grave and saying. “You do all the scandals and I go to jail for them.”

The readers’ comments on the reports about her entering the Bengaluru jail shows scores of people calling her a common criminal, demanding that she be given no special facilities in the jail and chiding the media for giving such a wide coverage to her case.

A comment said the spectacle of thousands of people supporting Sasikala could be attributed to only to some caste considerations – universal in India in every affair, including crime – or blackmail through dossiers prepared by her on the ‘black deeds’ of most AIADMK leaders to blackmail them into submission.

Then another post listed the companies of her vast empire which gave her immense wealth which could be used to purchase their loyalty. No wonder the Tamil Nadu police allowed her a free hand for more than 12 hours after the Supreme Court ordered her to surrender ‘forthwith.’ With her dummy sure to be the next CM, the police could not take risks.

According to the post (still to be verified) the list of companies owned by Sasikala and her relatives may beat even Reliance and Tatas and adds: “No surprise that Tamil Nadu was adjudged the most corrupt State in India in a NCAER survey of 2016. ”

The companies are:
1. Midas Golden Distilleries Private Limited (in an earlier post was mentioned the purchases from it by the state-owned beverages corporation amounting to several thousand crores of rupees)
2. Lifemed Hospitals Private Limited
3. Royapettah Cardiac Centre Private Limited
4. A World Rock Private Limited
5. Curio Auto Mark Private Limited
6. Aviry Properties Private Limited
7. Signet Exports Private Limited
8. Fancy Steels Private Limited
9. Cottage Field Resorts Private Limited
10. Sri Jaya Finance And Investments Private Limited
11. Sri Hari Chandana Estates Private Limited
12. Jazz Cinemas Private Limited
13. Khazzana Finvest Private Limited
14. Rainbow Air Private Limited
15. Indo Doha Chemicals And Pharmaceuticals Limited
16. Satiate Building Promoters Private Limited
17. Jasons Golden Breweries Private Limited
18. Affluent Lands Developers private Limited
19. Dakshin Fruits And Vegetables Private Limited
20. Srijat Exports Private Limited
21. Afore Developer Private Limited
22. Aadjoin Developers Private Limited
23. Kentaa Steels Private Limited
24. Rainbow Air Private Limited
25. Subham Micro Finance Private Limited
26. Shri Jaya Investments Agency Limited
27. Brain Flower Innovations Private Limited
28. Ramraj Agro Mills Limited
29. Anjaneya Printers Private Limited
30. Jayaraaman Business Consultants Private Limited
31. Sukraa Club Private Limited
32. Maruti Transports Private Limited
33. Satiate Finance And Investments Private Limited
34. Satiate Building Promoters Private Limited
35. Jasons Golden Breweries Private Limited
36. Affluent Lands Developersprivate Limited
37. Dakshin Fruits And Vegetables Private Limited
38. Srijat Exports Private Limited
39. Afore Developer Private Limited
40. Lex Property Developments Private Limited
41. Array Land Developers Private Limited
42. Fancy Transports Private Limited
43. Aavignaa Agro Private Limited
44. Riverway Agro Products Private Limited
45. Signora Business Enterprises Private Limited
46. Meadow Agro Farms Private Limited
47. Industrial Minerals India Private Limited
48. Fancy Transports Private Limited
49. Apollo Textiles Private Limited
50. Riverway Agro Products Private Limited
51. Maruti Transports Private Limited
52. Aswathaasugars Distilleries Private Limited
53. Transworld Garnet India Private Limited
54. Shree Sanghvi Mills Private Limited
55. V V Titanium Pigments Private Limited
56. V V Network Private Limited
57. Ishwarya Azoics Limited
58. Edison Paints Limited
59. V V Renewable Energy Private Limited
60. Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Sugars Private Limited
61. Pyramid Cements Private Limited
62. VV-Indbarath Infrastructure Limited
63. Ajax Media Tech Private Limited
64. Alliance Broadvasting Private Limited
65. Ayodhya Benefit Fund Limited
66. Hindustan Readymix Concrete Private Limited
67. Sands Enterprises Private Limited
68. Atmos Filters Private Limited
69. Environ Biowaste Systems India Private Limited
70. Eco Trees India Private Limited
71. V V Minerals Private Limited
72. V V Iron And Steel Company Private Limited
73. Q2q Solutions Private Limited
74. Spring Garnet India Private Limited
75. Opaque Mineral Resource Private Limited
76. V V Solar India Private Limited
77. Shri Nandhi Dhall Mills India Private Limited
78. Gnana Ganapathy Chits Private Limited
79. Lakshmi Movie Makers India Limited
80. Goodyield Investments Private Limited
81. Eminent Financial Services Limited
82. United Growth Chits Limited
83. Wyse It Solutions Private Limited
84. Bells And Claps Media Private Limited
85. Sri Janardhana Credits Limited
86. Sri Jay Chits India Private Limited
87. Emerald Engineering Private Limited
88. Kovai Biowaste Management Private Limited
89. Vijay Steel Agencies Private Limited
90. Welkyn Software Solutions Private Limited
91. Mayava Jewel Paradise Private Limited
92. Crystal Scans And Diagnostics Private Limited
94. Adhiev India Private Limited
93. H M C Fabrics Private Limited
94. Adhiev Nanopv Private Limited
95. Shijiamoni Energy Ventures Private Limited
96. Adhiev Kodi Energy Private Limited
97. Kodiwin Hydro Power Private Limited
99. Guru Kodi Green Power Private Limited
100. Yk 5 Power Private Limited
101. Solacon Energy Park Private Limited
102. Nanopv Solar India Private Limited
103. Nanopv Voltech Solar Private Limited
104. Mavis Satcom Limited
105. Muthu Pipes Private Limited
106. Sastry Nuts Plates Manufacturers Private Limited
107. Liberty High Scans Private Limited

These are the known firms of a former cassette shop owner-turned-videographer. Hpw many  more will come into open can only guessed. The properties of ‘Amma’. now claimed by Sasikala without any will written by Jayalalithaa, have already been listed  earlier. .

In Indian politics Caste, Coercion and Cash are three major factors.

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B. Someswar Rao

60 years of journalism, from the age of 16, and two books later, life has so much more to offer, there is no looking back. Not yet. Unstoppable after 70 is a simple expression of my thoughts, my triumphs, my failures and everything that makes this journey incredible. My books: - A TOWN CALLED PENURY- the changing culture of Indian journalism - JOURNALISM - Ethics, Codes, Laws Working on: - 'THE OUTHOUSE ON THE FIRST FLOOR - Coming of (Old)Age in India'

3 thoughts on “A Grave Situation”

  1. I think we Indian always need a villain to satiate our desire to see the hero win. One can easily understand this desired into deeprooted psych of Indians who created myths based on flimsy grounds of Deva and Asura where every effort of the other side was to be denied and destroyed. When you give logic and reasoning the facade crumbles and you are the proponents hating you for pulling off the makeup.

    In case of SK too we conveniently painted her as the villain while overlooking the fact that today not a single leader exist who has not courted and abused power and in TN there would be a rarity to find a honest politician.

    If SK and her troops are trying to salvage their losses and trying to retain ground this moral chest beating by her opponents and their FB mobs is amusing. Trying to disrupt the process in assembly or trying to assult the speaker for doing his duty are not being talked just like the crimes of Indira are always forgiven after mild punishment but same by the Asuras are only rewarded by capital punishment.

    TN polity and society desparatky needed a new soap which Amma provided with her grand departure….the Jallikattu was dip stick by the forces who wanted to test drive a movement took out and it was right for the instution to reclaim their role and clamp on mobs.

    FB mobs cannot dictate the agenda and should be allowed to indulge in cyber bullying.

    1. Thanks. Did you forget a ‘NOT’ in the last para or really believe that cyber bullying SHOULD BE allowed?

      Do you support all scandals, a cassette shop owner owning 108 companies not because of any ingenuity or hard work but because of political patronage and being the mistress-cum-maid of someone in power? So you think who criticises wrong-doing is a cyber bully indulging in chest-beating and everyone should be allowed to do whatever he/she wants by people who never vote. The Dev-Asura concept you borrowed from Amish Tripathi has one test: the welfare of the majority of people – which Amma and her gang claim to have achieved by throwing a few freebies at the poor and deprived, killing their willto work for what they get and making them dole-dependent.

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