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Evolution, though some Americans still reject it, is accepted by all civilised, sane people. Whether evolved from  apes as Charles Darwin propounded, or created by God, Man has come  a long way from primitive days.

If evolution is continuing, what will Man, Homo Sapiens, evolve into?  On this day it seems his next stage is Homo WhatsAppian. The prevalence of WhatsApp all  over the world , the addiction of millions to it and the billions of messages that  go around the world every minute explains why Facebook paid billions of dollars to acquire the messaging app..

There are many wbho feel that the messaging app is the biggest factor adversely affecting productivity in the world today, Thousands of man-hours  (that includes women hours too) are spent all over he world in checking for WA messages, replying to them and forwarding them.

Though the service is free, the cost of data and the frequent recharging of mobile phone batteries because of it must  be huge. The app’s  use has become so common that almost everyone who has a ‘smartphone’ must be not only on WhatsApp but also a member of several WA groups.

All the groups have scores of members uploading not only messages but also photographs and videos. As these occupy a lot of memory on the phone and the SD card in it, one has to spend time every now and then deleting the messages and videos or photographs.

The biggest problem, besides wasting several sec0nds for each photo or video to download, comes from the forwards and the ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ messages which come by the dozen every day.

Though most of these highly ingenuous and picturesque greetings are just forwards, someone somewhere must have spent hours for  photo-editing   photoshopping and  designing these ‘good morning’ messages in every language of the world.  Some send several such greetings daily and if you are a member of several groups you end up getting scores of them.

So you patiently wait for each of the video or photo messages  to download and forward some of them to others, pretending you are the genius who designed them. Most group members compete with others in sending greetings, photos and videos. If you forget to witch-off the mobile data when you enter a place which has WiFi the mobile data costs may give you a mild shock.

Many posts are needed to show the flip side of this great messaging app. Before that, however, I will tell in this post about the flip side of WhatsApp as I did yesterday, the downside of Facebook.

Years ago I received an email from a friend saying he would go off Internet and go off emails. For the reason he narrated the story of a young man who walked into the office of Yahoo or Google for an attender’s job. After a satisfactory interview he was asked for his email ID.

He had none. So he lost the job, took up some other vocation and became a millionaire. He still did not use email. The reason: if he had an email ID,  he would have been a peon and not become a millionaire.

A similar message against WhatsApp is also doing the rounds…of course on WhatsApp

It was last stage of the war in Ramayana. and rivers of blood were flowing in Lanka.The vanquished Ravana lying on the ground, groaning in pain, awaiting his death.

Rama called Lakshmana and told him, “For all his faults, Ravana is still a great man, very learned, full of wisdom. A great Siva Bhakta. A benevolent emperor, a great musician,  an expert  Veena player. He knows all the Vedas by heart. Please go to him, pay your respects and request him to share his learning before he departs from this world.”

The ever obedient Lakshmana immediately went to the place where Ravana  was lying. Ravana understood the purpose for which Lakshmana had come.
He gestured to  Lakshmana to come near him to whisper words of great wisdom in his ears. Ravana said, “I will teach you the three most important things to follow in  life :

1. Please don’t get hooked to Whatsapp and waste your precious time.
2. Don’t use Facebook and endanger your privacy
3. Don’t use your mobile while driving  and endanger your life and others’.




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