Parties Insult Voters

(Headline: Those who called Gujaratis ‘donkeys’ get the kick)IMG-20170311-WA0007

The Gujarat twins were called donkeys – and so they  administered the kick

INDIAN TEST CRICKETER IRFAN PATEL, it is said, was once asked by a Pakistani girl how he was playing for India though he was a Muslim. A Muslim player of another country once scored well in a match and, after a prayer to ‘Khuda’ on the ground, said all Muslims of the world would be proud of his achievement.

This failure to see that religion and the game have no link could be attributed to the politics of hatred and fanaticism promoted by Pakistan for its own survival, as it was born out of such hatred. But it is shocking to see Indian politicians using the same logic.

Bahujana Samaj Party supremo Mayawati insulted all the Muslims of Uttar Pradesh and India on March 11 when she said the electronic voting machines (EVMs) were all rigged in favaour of Bharatiya Janata Party as the party won “even in Muslim-majority constituencies” of UP. How dare they not vote for her?

The implication was that Muslims will not vote for Hindu BJP candidates as it was a ‘pro Hindu’ party even when it was fighting on the platform of development and corruption-free administration and not religion. This meant she considers Muslims to be sheepish followers who vote for her party without using their brains simply because she instigates them to, on the basis of religion.

Muslims have proved they are not — that they can think.

She would not admit that her humiliating defeat was caused by her arrogance, her unexplained riches, her caste and minority vote-bank calculations, the statues (mostly of herself) she installed when in power and the exposure of corruption by her own bother who ran the party with her. There were reports of her demanding crores of rupees for allotting party ticket. Her speeches were   full of casteism and hatred for some castes. Her ministers sit on the floor at her feet as she sits on a sofa Still she thinks she alone should have won.
It was not Mayavati alone who insulted voters as blind followers. The Socialist Party presumed all Yadav and Other Backward Class voters would blindly vote for it on caste basis even if it joins hands with the Congress. The SP was born out of anti-Congressism. Defeating Congress was the main aim of the party’s founder Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia, the father of coalition politics in India (see blog ‘Mahatma Gandhi Slaughterhouse‘, Feb.1 ). The party was ruled by a feuding family headed by a senile ‘netaji’. And yet, it thought voters are idiots and would vote for it.

Muslim leaders  treat the community as a vote bank of idiots who vote as per fatwas of the leaders and on the basis of religious fanaticism they promote. The anti-Muslim fringe elements within the BJP trying to impose Hindu orthodoxy on the people, and not the Congress or Rahul Gandhi, will bring the downfall of the NDA (National Democratic Alliance) if not in 2019 then in 2024. Both sides should realise that they cannot play caste and communal politics for long, as the did so far.

In a TV panel discussion, two Union Ministers pointed  the days of caste and votebank politics or blind following of feudalistic ‘leaders’ and dynasties by voters were over. And they were called arrogant and the BJP overconfident. All political analysts talked only of caste equations and formulae.

And they were all secular and BJP communal!

It was pathetic to see ALL Congress leaders saying Congress victory in Punjab was due to Rahul Gandhi but its defeat in other states was the party’s own failing, not of Rahul. The tail wagging devotion to the dynasty continued even when the rout of the (equally dynastic) SP was attributed to the alliance with Congress.

They are secular if they promise land for shamshan ghats (burial grounds) for Muslims and power for them during the Ramzan month. If Modi says there should be both shamshan and smashan (crematorium) and power both for Ramzan and Diwali, he is communal. They can call him a terrorist, a donkey, a criminal who should be behind bars, a fool and much worse. Any criticism of them is ‘intolerance’.

People have rejected dynastic and vote-bank politics based on caste. And yet political parties ruled by dynastic bosses, who head them for life, continue to treat them like sheep or vote banks.

India, perhaps, is the only democracy where the voters can be so insulted.

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