Will ‘Table2Talk’ Be The Answer?


THE  SECOND  DECADE  OF THE  21st  CENTURY  IS  SHAPED  AND  DRIVEN  BY  SOCIAL MEDIA.  A whole new lifestyle is emerging, dictated by these online tools for maintaining virtual interpersonal relations, often without actual contact.

The Driving Force of 21st Century

Just as people have begun to feel that there are already too many social media platforms, most of them originating in that Mecca of technology, the United States of America, or in China, one more is being launched, this time from India– the nation that boasts of being both the world’s oldest civilization and the leader in Information Technology. It is called ‘Table2Talk’ and aims at connecting  but without the frivolity and loss of privacy  that mark many of the platforms today.    

More Media  the Merrier 

The blurb under its main title says ‘Building Connections for Betterment’. The landing page of  T2T explains  that  “Table2talk is a platform where like-minded people having similar interest on several subjects can connect, talk, trade and meet. They can meet each other using the service ‘Tap a Table‘. Each table is named based on a category of interest which offers immense scope to the member to share thoughts, voice opinions etc across various subjects.” Most interests are covered and more can be suggested.

It also enables the members to buy and sell goods and services and corporates display their offerings. Recruiters and job seekers can contact each other  and activists and advocacy campaigners can use it, but off public glare, through the platform,

There are eight tables in all to begin with.: Entertainment Table covering ‘A to Z’ of Entertainment, Fashion Table catering to a ‘Fashionable YOU with Style to Impress’, Food and Travel Table which says ‘You are What You East. Travel is  the  Greatest  Education’, News and Sports Table which helps users to ‘Stay Informed On the World around You – and on Sports’, Realty Table which aims to show ‘The Reality of the World of Realty’ (real estate),  Friends Table which helps  ‘Make good friends — your greatest asset in life’, Growth Table as “There is no Life Without Growth’ and the Change Table which urges users to ‘Be The Change’ which they want to bring about – for  campaigns, activism and strong opinions on any subject. Each table has  four categories

Provision is made for users to suggest more tables as the platform evolves and future needs come up.  Anyone registering  has to indicate his or her interests, based on which three tables are suggested.  They can join them, or any three tables of their choice,  free, Those who want more than the three free tables have to upgrade to ‘Gold‘ by paying Rs. 500 for five or to ‘Platinum‘ for Rs.1000 a year for all eight of them plus all discount coupons, paid events and several other facilities coming up in future.

The new site, which must have involved years of extensive planning  and tech  support, provides for buying a ‘tap’ for Rs.50 which they can use for arranging a meeting with any of the contacts either at home, office or a restaurant/hotel in most cities of the world, The ‘tab’ can also be used for one small advertisement of goods or services which will remain on display for seven days.

One can buy  five taps for Rs. 50 each and get an additional tab free,  or 2 buy 10 and get two tabs free. The payments for tables, tabs and goods offered can  be  made with credit or debit cards, net banking,  any important wallet or through UPI though  the payment gateway. A member planning to meet prospective clients  through the platform – online or personally –  can buy tabs in bulk.   You can sell a watch, mobile phone or some old books, offer a one-time service like interior decoration or announce a play/performance through the small ads which can carry some photographs too.

The email IDs or mobile numbers of the persons meeting through its taps are revealed to each other — and to them alone– only after the meeting  is fixed, so that their privacy is maintained. For the same reason meetings at home will be fixed only if there are no privacy concerns. It provides a ‘Talk’ option as a public chat room, while only circles (family or close friends) or contacts (connected on the platform through invitation and acceptance) can access the posts of members, as indicated by them by relevant clicks.
The site will be modified from time to time on feedback from the users and the practical difficulties they face, the ‘Table2Talk‘ founders say.
The hundreds of platforms already created (more about it later) were yesterday’s. Will ‘Table2Talk‘ answer the needs of tomorrow’s GenX?

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2 thoughts on “Will ‘Table2Talk’ Be The Answer?”

  1. It’s a good idea but already there’s a social media. So why the other one?

    1. Most of them have privacy issues and are not aimed at serious connections. Almst all of them are from US or China. There are over 60 media which have over a million subscribers. Why did they all start when FB is alreadyh there? Thid platform combines connections, arranging actual face to face meetings, e commerce and chat all in one. AND IT IS INDIAN.

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