Many Social Media, Why One More?

FB did not stop others starting – each is special

“THERE ARE SO MANY SOCIAL MEDIA, WHY ONE MORE?, a reader asked in response to the post on ‘Table2Talk‘.  A very valid question. If that question was asked before, there would not have been several hundred social media listed by Wikipedia.

Many readers may not know that more than 60 such platforms have several million users each.  When MySpace was there long ago, why did so many others start? With Facebook  there, did all others close down?  Why are thrillers and other story books written when there are already millions of them?

Because each one has something special – a different appeal.

There have always been attempts in Mankind’s history of people trying to create parallel projects in an attempt to do something better. Almost all the social media now on the world wide web are either from the USA or from China. India prides itself as a leader in Information Technology. Yet no such platform was created in India for use world over. So T2T, as the mobile mobile version that would come up some day could  be called, may be the one suited to Indian mind-set.

And that is possible only when thousands start using it and providing feedback and show the problems. Facebook keeps changing constantly. Snapchat even changed its name and keeps adding new features.

Indians who question ‘Why T2T ?‘ should go to the following social media platforms and ask them the same question, unless they confess their craze for anything foreign and disdain instead of pride for anything Indian —

Starting with Bulletin Board System (BBS) in early 1980s many online contact platforms such as Tom Jennings’ FidoNet, CompuServe, AOL (America On Line) came into use. Before the Internet revolution brought in Facebook. many like Kik, Telegram were there followed by Twitter, Google+, WeChat, Instagram, Tumbler, Askfm,  Skype, Chinese media like QZone (of Tencent), Baidu Tieba, QQ, renren and  Yik Yak, Douban, others like  Viber, Reddit, VK, hi5, Tagged, Badoo, Taringa, MySpace,Pinterest, WhatsApp, Snap, FourSquare with its app Swarm, CareZ, StumbleUpon, The Dots, Kiwibox, Skyrock, Delicious, Snapfish of Hewlett Packard, Reverbnation, Fixiter, a meeting place for mos called Cafemom, ravelry, Wayne, nextdoor, video site YouTube, tout, cellufun for mobile gaming, Vine, Classmate, MyHeritage, Viadeo, Xing, Yango, Friendsters, Livejournal, gaia online, DeviantArt, comedy site Funny or die, buzznet,  meetme, meetup, Kodetalk for IT professionals, mixi of Japan, wehearnet, Bubbly for voice-clips,, KakaoTalk, of Korea, for music, for academics,  and many others, most of whom had membership  in millions.

Most of them have survived Facebook and the Internet revolution.No one questioned why  they started. And yet, when an Indian starts, we ask “Why one more?”






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