Top RSS/Modi Supporters in Congress

Rajiv (Sanskrit word for lotus)  and the entire Indira dynasty, watching lotuses bloom in a lake. Rahul in extreme right and Priyanka in extreme left. All of them were claimants to the Prime Ministerial throne.  Including the dog?

YOU ARE THE TOP SUPPORTER OF  ANY IDEOLOGY  OR POLITICAL PARTY (though parties have nothing to do with ideology today) if you have contributed most to their victory and help groups on whose support the party comes to power.

Who is responsible for Modi to come to power? Mani Shankar Iyer, without any doubt, with ample support from  ‘Diggy Raja’ Digvijay Singh and others like Kapil Sibal. Every time these illustrious supporters of dynasty rule in India spoke, they only put their own feet in their mouths so that Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party got more  supporters.

If real investigative journalism were not dead in India I would have asked reporters to probe if these dignitaries were secret  RSS members who had joined the Congress to sabotage it from within. (Don’t go by the sensational ‘scoops’ and  ‘investigations’ claimed channels and newspapers . They are mostly stories planted by some party or rival group)

No single factor played a bigger role in getting Modi elected  than  Mani Shankar Iyer’s ridiculing of Narendra Modi as a ‘Chaiwala’ (roadside tea seller) who could come to the Congress session to sell tea. Every statement of Diggy ( some say doggy)  Raja linking RSS with everything wrong that happened in the country has actually won him more votes.

They and and lawyers like Kapil Sibal, Abhishek Sanghvi and Manish Tiwari who made a big show of their command over English language just to indicate that Modi was more at home in Hindi and was not a fashionable English speaker, drove more people away from the dynasty they were supposed to be rooting for.

Arguing in support of triple talaq (the Islamic practice which allowed men  to say ‘talaq’ thrice, even on phone, email or WhatsApp, to divorce their wives)  Sibal said last week that women were incapable of taking decisions.

That was just when the Indira Gandhi dynasty headed by Sonia Gandhi  was trying desperately to stave off extinction by replacing crown prince Rahul Gandhi by his sister Priyanka Vadra as if the Congress party had no other intelligent person who can lead it.

A voice of moderation and sanity in the rightist BJP, Narendra Modi, has to depend of fringe groups like Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal and Ram Sena for getting elected. And who nurtured these groups? It is the Congress vote-bank politics of letting ‘minority’ people cross into the country by providing them ration cards overnight to get their votes (which Mamata Banerjee is now adopting in West Bengal to counter the Communists.)

Supported by fundamentalist and radical Islamists, the Congress shouts about ‘cow vigilantism’ and ‘communal polarisation’  while organising ‘beef festivals’ including one yesterday in Kerala where a cow was brutally slaughtered in public and its beef cooked and served to the participants, obviously to spite Hindus. Every such act strengthened the Hindu fringe groups born as a reaction to minority appeasement.

The absence of non-dynasty leadership in the Congress was so acute that the party was ready to be ‘led’ even by a  dog as long as it belonged to that family. Around that time a picture made rounds on WhatsApp. being forwarded to millions of cellphones. It showed the entire Indira Gandhi clan, obviously on a lake-side picnic when Rahul and Priyanka were still children, watching  lotuses bloom in the lake.

Incidentally, lotus  has been the election symbol of  Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party.

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