Useless, Futile, Infertile Hype

 Time to think, says Rodin’s statue

INDIAN NEWS CHANNELS ARE MORE concerned about the frivolous affairs of celebrities, thanks to their race for TRPs The  newspapers are  imitating them, thinking that is what the readers want.


And in the bargain they have lost their credibility. They  remain  sources  of entertainment and titillation more than serious thinking and ideas. Paid news has become the order of the day, a rule rather than exception. Social media  once held a glimmer of hope as sources of serious information, but are now plagued by fake news, propaganda, rumors and manipulation  by vested interests.

In this context, therefore, I am sharing here a post shared by a friend on social media. It was “forwarded  as received” as most of  such posts are.  He does not know who the General quoted by him is. Neither do I. But the relevance of his thought prompts me to share it. My friend’s forward says:

“Shared from Gen Prakash Katoch’s wall...

My problem with what’s happening in the country:

It  is not about BJP and Congress,
or JNU  and  anti-nationalism, or Jats and  reservation,
or Hindu extremism and Muslim extremism, or  beef ban  and  porn ban,
Or Kejriwal  and  Modi,  or  Ravish  and  that ‘India wants to know’ guy….

My problem is our mind space being occupied with futile,  useless,  fruitless,
negative, regressive thinking…..

In an age when this country should be thinking of INVENTIONS and IDEAS* ,we are discussing (frivolous) subjects mentioned above….

Why isn’t the government and media talking about more serious issues?

Why the subject of debate is not DEVELOPMENT?

Why isn’t RSS  talking about it?

Why isn’t every Hindu talking about it.?

Why aren’t the Muslims talking about it?

Why the news channels aren’t focusing on it?

Why are  (intellectual’)  Indians on Facebook not discussing it?

Or spreading that idea to the world?  Saffron or green, beef or chicken, porn or ‘Sanskari’ channels, temples or mosques, Jats or Kashmiris  are not tools of development….

These subjects of conversations are ANTI -DEVELOPMENT*

And anything that’s anti-development is anti-national… at least for me…..

I want to see my India look better than Switzerland…..I want my India to do better than the US in the Olympics…..

I want to see my India more civilized than the most civilized country in this world…..

I want my India to be more innovative than Japan…..

I want my India to be more safe for woman than Copenhagen, Denmark…..

I want my India to be more open minded than Canada….

I want my India to be better than what it is today….  And not worse…

And that can only happen when we start thinking productive….

Else we will all be wasting time doing something that is useless, futile, and infertile.

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