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SiddiquiHOW  MANY TIMES DID YOU VERIFY IF a good quote you saw on the social media is genuine? If you admire the celebrity and the quote sounds true, you just cut and paste it or copy it.

But you cannot do so if you are a target of criticism simply because of your name, your community/religion or your ideology. Paresh Rawal, MP and an excellent film actor,  saw a quote attributed to the best President India ever had – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and put it in a tweet.

Pat came a troller on Twitter pointing out it was a fake quote. The ‘tolerant’ liberals who complain of the “saffron   party’s intolerance” could not tolerate such a mistake – more so if it is against Pakistan.

A day later another actor, Nawazuddin Siddiqui was quoted as saying that in seven years as a stage actor, he had acted 2000 different roles. Teaching ‘editing’ for a decade as a journalism lecturer, I used to say every copy-editor should do a little of basic maths if any figures occur in  the ‘copy’.

No one criticized or reacted to it

Indian stage is almost dead.  And yet Siddiqui could participate in plays 2000 days out of 2555 (seven years have 2555 days) playing different roles. He could not have done two or three different plays on a single day as dramas have no morning, noon, first and  second shows, as cinemas do.

Where in India is the theatre movement staging plays almost every day and that too only one show for each drama,  with all the rehearsals and script-learning involved?

Of course no one – liberal or otherwise – questioned his statement. Rawal of is intolerant as he is pro-Modi and should be trolled.

If you question Siddiqui, you are communal!

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