A Salute To Sanjukta

A Terror to Bodo terrorists

MANY TALK OF WOMEN AS THE ‘WEAKER SEX’ OR TALK of  them as victims of a patriarchal social system. They, obviously, may not have  heard of Sanjukta Parashar IPS, who can put many male officers to shame.


A post (in Marathi) which went viral  on social media said, “When you see the slim and beautiful lady pass before you, you could not have imagined that she went into a dense forest armed with an AK-47 rifle  and was responsible for killing 16 terrorists  and arresting 64 of them.”

S Parashar
Sanjukta Parashar

Obsessed with frivolous flirtations of film stars or dirty communal and caste politics, the ‘notional’  Press did not play  up the news. While millions of ‘like’s are recorded on the social media pages of politicians and glamour girls, the Facebook page of Sanjukta did not see any such response.

Born in the North-Eastern state of Assam (about which most Indians are ignorant) she studied in a local government school,  got a degree from Jawaharlal Nehru University (yes the JNU famous for backing terrorists and slogans vowing  to break India) and was ranked 85th in competitive exams in 2006, to be the first woman IPS officer from that backward state.

In 2014 she was posted as the Superintendent of Police of Sonitpur district, which was the hotbed of Bodo extremists who had killed hundreds.  She combed the dense forests of the area leading a group of  CRPF jawans and armed with an AK-47 rifle, ignoring many threats by post and on phone.

During her 18 months as SP, she killed 16 Bodo extremists and arrested 64 more  in the combing operations.

Now posted in Delhi, she noted on her Facebook page that many Assamese girls were coming to Delhi to study and there was much talk of equipping them with pepper spray and other ways of protection as the national capital is notoriously unsafe for women.

“I know its a harrowing time for students who have taken admission in Delhi for higher studies. I know it must be absolutely scary for the parents. I can’t predict the future but I can always help. I am here in Delhi for a while and so parents and students from Assam now in Delhi for studies, stay and progress, who need any advice or help or anything (no, I don’t deliver pizza, but I’m middle-aged enough to be a local guardian) please do inbox me your number and I will get back to you. Best wishes to everyone.

 There are officers, IPS or other, from every state of  the country in Delhi. And also students and working girls from their states in that urban jungle infested with rapists and molesters. How many of those officers have volunteered to at least help them, if not take on the responsibility of being their local guardians, as s7he did?

‘#I_Salute_Sanjukta_Parashar,’ a Tweet said.  All of India does.

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