Congress Ready To Break India?

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Tomorrow’s Karnataka flag?

INDIA’S CONGRESS-RULED KARNATAKA STATE is readying to have a flag of its own. And it is not because of any newborn love for the state or its language.

It is because the Central (federal) government is ruled by a National Democratic Alliance (NDA)  coalition led by the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP). Such a state flag was never sought when Congress was in power in Delhi.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has appointed a nine member committee to go into the issue and it is known that all such committees – including those for enqury or ‘fact’ finding always conclude what those appointing them want them to. Thee yellow and red flag (above) is already in use by Kannada organisations.

The BJP government in the state in 2013 rejected a demand for a state flag, made by one of the pro-Kannada organisations, saying it was against the interests of national unity. Recently an agitation was launched against Hindi signboards at the Metro, built by a federal agency and now the state as ordered all banks to ensure that all its employees knew Kannada.

After states have been reorganised on language basis in the country, it is proper that local people should not suffer for knowing only their language. But with many people living in states other than their own imposing local language on  all private organisations will make life difficult for visitors and “outsiders” all over India.

The target of some of these Kannada forums seems to be these ‘outsiders’ in high-paid jobs in the state while many local people are unemployed. Every state in India already has a a set-up similar to an embassy  in the national capital, headed by a Special Officers like ambassadors. Almost all states have ‘state songs’ like anthems, including one on Karnataka by great state poet Kuvempu.

Only Jammu & Kashmir state now has a separate state flag because of the special status given to it by Article 370 of the Constitution. The article, supported by Congress, is its own gift to the separatists and has now led to a pro-Pakistan movement in the Muslim-dominated state.

If every state in the country pushes out ‘outsiders’ people’s mobility will be retricted, internal tourism will come to an end it will be the beginning of the urchasing end of India as a nation. Karnataka’s next step may be prohibiting ‘outsiders’ from property in the state.

This may lead to just what enemies of India want – disintegration of the country. Will Congress opt to break India, just for short-term political gain?

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