Great Talents Forgotten


Vinod Dua
Vinod  Dua

SUDDENLY AND FOR NO REASON AT ALL  I  recently remembered Vinod  Dua one of the earliest – perhaps the first- anchors of Indian television. equally articulate in Hindi and English.


Wondering what happened to him I surfed all top  TV channels at different times and did not find him there. I faintly recalled seeing him on a food programme a few years ago and thought “what a fall for one of the best political analysts and election anchors.

I remembered that when I wrote about C. Y. Chintamani, described as “the Pope of Indian Journalism” by the great Right Hon’ble Srinivasa Sastry (his name was never taken without that suffix) in my book ‘A TOWN CALLED PENURY – the Changing  Culture of Indian Journalism’,  many, including old timers, asked me  who he was. (of  course they did not hear of  Srinivasa Sastry either).

On Googling I found that he still does a news analysis for a  non-profit channel The Wire. I remember his Door Darshan (government TV) election programmes, his  ‘Jan Gan Man Ki Baat’ public affairs programs and many others,  how he came up without a godfather in Information and Broadcasting Ministry, how he grew up in refugee colonies of Delhi as his parents migrated to India after partition…

You can get a lot about him on Google and You Tube and wonder how many great talents go into oblivion over time. So, go ahead and search.

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  1. Fame is a fickle thing but there are always some that remember and of course the history will tell what they did.
    We have several here as well. They retire and slowly fade – except in history and in the memory of those who loved them.

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