Will US Walk Out On Gun Culture?

Hanna Yale                         Hannah Yale  — leader of the  schools Walkout against gun culture                                          

THE GUN LOBBY rules the United States of America. Whether Tweedle Dum is in power  or Tweedle Dee makes no difference. The real government is of  the gun lobby.

The country’s  God is the Gun, because it earns billions by making guns (and other instruments of death) and selling them to poor ignorant idiots all over the world — walkout  Foothill  Technology  High  School’s  initiative against  US  gun shooting “epidemic”

ranging from dictators and  ‘Defense’ ministers to terrorists.

Yesterday’s attack on the office of  YouTube by a woman who had  a grievance with it over her channel has again put the focus on the issue. One person was killed and several injured in the firing. And she killed herself too.

“The US has more school shootings annually than any other country. We are walking out because this issue affects us. It affects everybody,” says Hannah Yale,  the  leader of a revolutionary movement for 17-minute  walk-outs in schools a;; over the USA at 10 a.m.  on March 14. She said such shootings had become an epidemic in the US. The next walkout is on April 20.

There were  NO reports of school or public shooting on that day  (one hopes  that was not because they do not qualify as news anymore, being so common).  Hope there will be none on April 20.

Scores of  random shootings killing innocent children or passersby, by perverts allowed to buy and carry guns or people who believe Allah would be pleased  with such killings have not moved the hearts of those opposing even imposition of  restrictions on guns, if not a ban on them.

Hundreds of Indians  (like myself) have children or grandchildren who are American citizens and have to pray every day that they return home safely. Blind, radom shooting can take place anywhere, anytime. for it has become as much a part of the country’s culture as promiscuity or divorce.

It is the West’s discovery of the gun that enabled it to enslave countries much more developed than them spiritually and mentally, but having no guns to fight back. The guns replaced bravery and valour as desirable qualities.  Even a coward with a gun can pull  a trigger to kill a person of courage.

The gun has the final argument. A dumb idiot with a gun can kill the most intelligent person.  The dead cannot argue…or convince.

Some idiots do believe that guns prevent violence and that if there are no guns mankind would be using some other weapons to continue killing. That means they do not believe in Darwinism or think humans can evolve into thinking beings who can convince the rival by argument, not force.

The Gun Lobby thinks shooting down the dissident would have been much easier than arguing, convincing, educating and winning over those who disagreed.

Adi Shankara, who traversed a sub-continent from North to South and East to west TWICE on foot before his death at the age of only 34 years, re-established Hinduism by CONVINCING the rival thinkers. Hinduism believes in rule through consensus  and not the 51:49 majority of Western democracy, which modern India borrowed and is trying to nourish. In it 51 win even if wrong and 49 lose even if right.

The ancient Indian way of dealing with dissent was different. Aadi Shankara argued with Mandana Mishra and accepted Mishra’s wife as the judge who would decide the winner as he believed in her intellectual honesty.  She did declare Shankara the winner, but said the victory was incomplete as she, as Mishra’s wife, was his  (better?) half and the victory would be complete only after she too was defeated.

And she questioned him about married life, of which Adi Shankara knew nothing as he renounced the world as a young boy. He, therefore, had to use his divine powers to learn about the life of a family man before he faced her arguments.

The methods he used, the philosophical arguments they had had are not as important as the fact that the impartiality  of a contenstat’s wife as judge in the contest between the two was accepted by both and that the winner accepted the argument that the wife was an equal half who too had to be convinced before the consensus was reached.

Taking out a gun and shooting down the rival would have been easier.

Is it better?

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