VIP Culture Still On

A news item on an online news app today said power supply to some villages in MP was shut down for 12 hours because Union Home Minister’s helicopter was landing there.

Not a day passes in India without all traffic – including ambulances – being held up by the traffic police because if some chief minister or even a chota minister passing that way.

If patients due, it is their karma, no one to be blamed, least of all the politicians who are normally haughty and rude but suddenly display fake humility when seeking votes.

On WhatsApp photos go viral of a king in Europe going on a cycle with no guards and gangers on, or Vladimir Putin, the all powerful Russian leader himself filling petrol in his car at a ‘gas station’ as all people in America do.

When Narendra Modi became PM he did not allow feet touching and several such symbols if the VIP Culture that prevailed in India for decades. One thought the evil practice was being ended by a Prime Minister who did not belong to a dynasty and knew the common man’s travails.

It seems these practices still prevail and every MP, MLA or even a mere corporator expects or demands special VIP treatment.

Some of these VIPs throw their weight around, humiliate and even assault or shout at officials and commoners who do not treat them as VIPs. This disease is prevalent in all parties though it was a part of Congress culture.

That reminds old timers of UP chief minister Kamalapati Tripathi who used to have his feet touched and remembered for long names of those who did not.

A mere verbal ‘pai laagoo Panditji’, common in villages in the Hindi belt would not do.

It is time the old feudal culture is discarded.

— someswar