Emergency Anniversary : Unlearnt Lessons

Modi disguised during Emergency(?)

By Someswar

TODAY, June 25, is the anniversary of the day when 43 years ago a power-hungry leader converted India into a jail for 19 months.

Indira Gandhi imposed Emergency in 1975 to stay on In power just because a court set aside her election as MP and barred her from becoming Prime Minister for six years..

As an Emergency victim whose newspaper was shut down, editor arrested and office occupied by the police, I left the national capital to edit a friend’s small newspaper, not accepting a ‘national’ daily’s offer. I gave an account of that fateful night in a book ‘A TOWN CALLED PENURY – the Changing Culture of Indian Journalism’. No

That a person who jailed all political leaders who were not her sycophants and committed many other atrocities just to pepetrate her dynasty, could win an election to return to power was unbelievable. But that did happen.

The sycophants chose a pilot with no administrative experience as her successor just because he belonged to the dynasty.

When he met the same fate as his mother the dynasty devotees wanted his foreign-born wife, inexperienced like him, to rule india.

And she chose to weild power without responsibilty through a dummy PM just because her own son, as dynastic successor, was too obviously unfit to rule.

That the valiant Sikh state of Punjab would elect a party which sent the Army into the sacred Golden temple and make an ex-Captain of the same Army the Chief Minister sounded aqually impossible. But that is exactly what happened.

So it is certain that a Congress chief who was referred to as Pappu and who competed with himself to make ridiculous statements would one day become the Prime Minister of India.

Caste, appeasement and bank politics show we are all dynasty devotees who like to be ruled by Rajas.

We refuse to learn the lessons of history and are condemned to repeat them.

(Written on phone)

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B. Someswar Rao

60 years of journalism, from the age of 16, and two books later, life has so much more to offer, there is no looking back. Not yet. Unstoppable after 70 is a simple expression of my thoughts, my triumphs, my failures and everything that makes this journey incredible. My books: - A TOWN CALLED PENURY- the changing culture of Indian journalism - JOURNALISM - Ethics, Codes, Laws Working on: - 'THE OUTHOUSE ON THE FIRST FLOOR - Coming of (Old)Age in India'

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