Pappu’s Puppy Love — And Wicked Wink

“YOU CALL ME PAPPU but I don’t hate you,” Congress chief Rahul Gandhi is said to have told Prime Minister Modi yesterday during the ‘no confidence’ motion in Lok Sabha which his party spearheaded.

He did that after walking up to the PM from the Opposition benches and hugging him.

A very noble act indeed, reinforcing the theory that political differences should not degenerate into personal enmity – a sentiment I reiterated in a blog weeks ago.

Then he gave himself away by facing the House and winking. This was one more case of the Congress self-goals. The wicked wink not only proved that the hug was NOT an act of affection or love, but a childlike statement that he meant the opposite.

Children often cross their fingers or wink when they say the opposite of what they mean. So he not only said he was Pappu but also proved he was childish.

The act, which drew a reprimand from the motherly Speaker of Lok Sabha, amounts to a self-goal as it exposes his hatred and childishness.

And it also raises a question: When did Modi call him Pappu? I don’t recall a single speech in which the PM did that or spoke of anything other than political differences. In fact he never failed to greet Rahul and his mother Sonia on their birthdays. He congratulated the party when it won in Karnataka.

If anyone heard him call Rahul Pappu in public, please say when and where, with a video as proof.

If Rahul did get called Pappu by many it was because of his own statements and acts like visits to Bangkok (known more for sex tourism) for meditation, talking of a potato making machine or not knowing rudiments of farming and now admitting publicly that he is known as Pappu.

Making self-goals appears to be the primary qualification for being in Congress: calling Modi a chaiwala, asking Pakistan to help remove him, saying a video by a staffer cost 30 ‘lambs’ (lakhs), or presuming that he meant Renuka Choudary laughed like Surphanaka in Ramayana when, in fact, he did not say it at all. Many more can be listed.

Rahul Gandhi, with all these acts, did prove that he would certainly be the Prime Minister soon, perhaps in 2019.

We only get the rulers we deserve.

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