Communal BJP and Casteless Congress

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A FRIEND WAS SHOCKED at the low levels to which the Bharatiya Janata Party and Narendra Modi can stoop. He was convinced that the posters on the Bihar Congress leaders (picturre above), mentioning the caste of its leaders and thanking Rahul for making the party so inclusive and diversified, was BJP’s handiwork.

It did not occur to him that by the same logic it could be said that Mahatma Gandhi —having finished the job of struggle for freedom from the Biritish and making Nehru the PM — was killed by the Congress Party so that the BJP could be blamed for it.

It is futile to argue that BJP was not born when Gandhi was assassinated. Did not the wise wolf which accused the lamb of a wrong-going years earlier, know that if it was not the lamb which did, it could be the lamb’s mother?
So the friend was certain that BJP had put up the posters which described Rahul Gandhi as a member of the ‘Brahmin Samuday’. Earlier, several Congress leaders had declared that the Great Leader and grandson of Firoze was a ‘Janaudhari’ (Brahmin who wears the sacred thread) though his ‘thread ceremony’ (Upanayan) never took place.

There is a saying in a South Indian language that a ‘Brahmin known to the whole world does not need a sacred thread to prove his is a Brahmin’. Why does Rahul need to wear a sacred thread at all? He is a Brahmin because people believe him to be.

However, the same argument does not apply to the birthplace of god Lord Ram, who is a figment of Hindu imagination. Did not British, Muslim and ‘liberal’ left historians say so? What is the value of millions of Hindus believing He was born in Ayodhya?

It is also true that Congress candidates were nominated by the BJP (by the wolf’s logic, even before it was born) as they were always nominated on the basis of caste. After all caste is an evil only in Hinduism, but from the first general election till today Congress candidates are always chosen on the basis of the constituency’s predominant caste, even when a Muslim candidate like A.R. Antulay asked why he should be given a Muslim seat when he was contesting as Congress candidate and not of the Muslim League.

Not all know that A.R., the initials of the former Maharashtra CM who spoke chaste Marathi and could be mistaken for a Kokanastha Brahmin, stand for Abdul Rahman.

It is the BJP’s false propaganda that Feroze was either a Muslim or a Parsee. By becoming the son-in-law of Kashmiri Pandit called Jawaharlal Nehru, he became a Brahmin, but changed his Parsi surname ‘Ghandy’ to a Gujarati Bania (Komti/Vaisya) name ‘Gandhi’.

BJP also wants to gloss over Hindu casteism by pointing out different classifications of Muslims like Shia, Sunni, Kurds, Ismaili, Bohra and perhaps many more like Ahmadis – so vehemently opposed by Islamists that an Ahmadi scientist who helped Pakistan turn nuclear was ostricised and a world renowned economist sacked as advisor to the new ‘liberal’ educated Pakistan Prime Minster.

It is the same party which also says there are more Christian denominations than the castes of Hindus. BeeChi (Rayasam Bheemasena Rao) the Kannada humourist in a story mentions a police officer, looking for a prospective groom for his daughter, was told of another young policemen who was also a Christian like him. He rejects the match as the boy was a tinsmith Christian while he himself was a convert from another community.

BeeChi was a ‘Rao’; all Kannada Raos are Brahmins and therefore communal. All Indian Christians or Muslims were ex-Hindus and so believers in communalism and casteism. The casteism of their new faiths can always be blamed on Hinduism. You can ignore how Sunnis are killing Shias and Catholics subjected Protestants to inquisition outside India.

The Assam minister who got ration cards and IDs overnight for thousands of immigrants of his faith to build up a vote bank for his party was also from Jan Sangh (earlier avatar of BJP) but inside the then ruling Congress just as Mani Shankar Iyer, Sanjay Nirupam, Renuka Choudhary and others are in Congress only to work for BJP and Modi.
Did not Selig Harrison, a former ‘The Washington Post‘ correspondent in New Delhi who went into policy research later, say: ‘Scratch a Congressman and you will find a Jan Sanghi underneath’?

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