Thanksgiving? There is Much to be Thankful for

WHAT ARE YOU thankful for? A grandchild asked in the USA where Thanksgiving Day (last Thursday) is a big occasion.

I could not think of anything. That’s perhaps the reason why the day is not celebrated in India.

My ‘nothing’ shocked everyone. Are you not thañkful for being alive? No. I always wanted to end a meaningless and futile existence.

For your family? It only gives me pain – when I realise I am only a burden.

For all the good things you have had in life? I realise that they were all because of others. I did nothing to deserve them. My (late) wife and children tolerated my shortcomings and their good deeds were rewarded with my not causing them any more problems than I already created.

I could have come for just a few days – not months just to justify the big cost of flying here. But I realised it too late.

These are facts I cannot do anything about now.

Yes. There is much to be thankful for… that at almost 80 the end (hopefully) is not far away.

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B. Someswar Rao

60 years of journalism, from the age of 16, and two books later, life has so much more to offer, there is no looking back. Not yet. Unstoppable after 70 is a simple expression of my thoughts, my triumphs, my failures and everything that makes this journey incredible. My books: - A TOWN CALLED PENURY- the changing culture of Indian journalism - JOURNALISM - Ethics, Codes, Laws Working on: - 'THE OUTHOUSE ON THE FIRST FLOOR - Coming of (Old)Age in India'

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