Fake Secularism Just For Fashion


‘Didi’ Mamata Banerjee who refused to address a meeting along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi simply because she was greeted with shouts of protest when she objected to ‘Jai Sreeram: but chose at another meeting to recite a Muslim prayer, has written to Sonia the boss of dynastic Congress and other parties to come together to eradicate BJP and it’s communalism. For her being Hindu is communal but seeking Muslim votes is very secular. At the same time she can flaunt her Gotta and Brahmin origin to get Hindu votes which she fears losing in the polling being held today. Whether the electorate will see through this game will be known only on May 2. However, the scourge of fake seculars and liberals playing vote bank politics is a serious issue. They pretend that all Muslims who stayed back in India when the country was split on communal basis did so to reject the 2 nation theory ad were secular. That their choice was for the sake of property and their social contacts alone is not accepted. If this is true why did they vote for pro-partition forces is not explained. How did only Muslims get elected from seats where they had majority or ‘secular’ Congressmen only when there were no Muslim candidates,, or why so many terrorist ‘sleeping cells’ exist with local Muslim suoport in states like Kerala??

Many such questions reain unanswered. The ‘sickulars’ object to the ‘remote’ being in the hands of highly qualified agenda me who gave up everyting for the cause of RSS but do not mind a semi literate Italian who amassed wealth due to dynasty support or some mullahs holding it. This is taking a fashion fad too far Can they deny that India never tried to spread it’s faith though it had great impact on many nations, that it was once a predominantly Hindu country or that the Constituent Assembly had debated at length on calling it secular. When the Saudi kung visited the country, Nehru had all idols in Kadhu covered, but namaz on roads, blocking them, continues in India. But indians are not secular!

Bismillah And Baba Counter Fanatics

SOCIAL MEDIA ABOUND today in stories of Islamic ‘sleeping cells’ in Kasmir and Kerala, of Imams calling for defiance of virus epidemic lockdown rules, clerics who direct attack on health staff from masjid mikes used for Azan or maulvis saying Clovid hit only Hindu kaafirs not Muslims.. There was even a cleric who wished more Hindus die of the virus.

These are mavericks and, luckily, a minority. Hindu fringe groups like Ram Sena and Bajrang Dal are equally fanatic but, again luckily, ignored by people. My plea for yeaes for a Museum of National Integration to show how both sides have sane people showing tolerance and admiration for the other side is, therefore, very relevant.

Of those who rose above fanaticism was Bharat Ratna Ustaad (Bismillah) Khan, a devout Shia muslim who was brought up in a friendly Hindu environment and used to do riaz in a temple. He disclosed at several fora that he was blessed by Hindu Gods and Lord Krishna had favored him with his deedar (darshan), revealing to him secrets of a new ‘Raaga’.A few years back, the Ustad was travelling by train from Jamshedpur to Varanasi. It was a coal-run passenger train and he was travelling in a third class compartment. From an intermediate rural station, a young cowherd boy boarded the bogey in which Ustad was sitting. He was a dark and lean boy holding a flute in his hands. Slowly the boy started playing his flute. The supreme quality of his music surprised the maestro, who didn’t even know the ‘Raga’ the boy was playing. Bismillah Khan immediately recognized that the boy was Sri Krishna, the Supreme God Himself.The nectar in Nada-Brahma (Brahma in the form of music) flowing out of Krishna’s flute filled Ustad’s heart with ecstasy; and tears of joy started poring out of his eyes. After the stunning performance,the Ustad called and presented him with a coin requesting him to play the song again. Krishna ddi. This was repeated again and again until Bismiillah Khan’s wallet became empty. Young Krishna got down at the next railway station and vanished. In fact, the Ustad was on way to play in a music concert of Kumbh Mela (a holy Hindu gathering of many millions devotees). In that concert, Ustad presented the ‘Raga’ which he learned that day from Krishna.It was greatly appreciated by the audience who sought an encore many times . Music scholars around couldn’t name the ‘Raga’ and they asked about it to Bismillah Khan. Ustad replied that the name of the Raga is ‘Kanharira’.Next day’s news papers contained headlines about the new ‘Raga’ invented by Ustad Bismillah Khan. Having read it, Hariprasad Chaurasiya, the legendary Musician (Flutist), asked about ‘Kanharira’ Raga’s details to Bismillah Khan. The Ustad revealed the truth and sang Kanharira. Hariprasad Chaurasya, worlds top fluit player, burst into tears of joy. ‘Kanharira’ is a divine gem in Indian music, as it originated from the lotus lips of Sri Krishna.The story was told by the Ustad to the Editor of Illustrated Weekly of India. Bismillah Khan was born in a family of court musicians in the princely state of Bhojpur, now in Bihar. His father was a shehnai player in the court of Maharaja Keshav Prasad Singh of Dumraon Estate. Bismillah hated studies anf played marbles on the streets of Benaras. In the corridor of the house hecould hear his uncles playing the sehnai. Bismilla Khan’s uncle Ali Bux used to go to the Jadau Sri Balaji (Vishnu) temple every morning to play the sehnai for the entire day for four rupees a month. Sometimes, after sessions, both walked to the temple where a room was reserved for Ali Bux to practice for about five hours daily. Bismillah was sitting beside him, listening to him though hungry, not disturbing his uncle. They returned each day for lunch. Bismillah often wondered why his Uncle practiced in the temple when he could do it at home undisturbed. He asked his uncle one day and was told,”You will learn it one day.” That evening uncle Ali took Bismillah to the temple and, after the evening sehnai recital, to the room he practiced in for 18 years. Then the uncle gave Bismillah permission to practice there, on one conditiin: ”In this temple, if you experience or see anything extraordinary, don’t say to any one.” Bismillah practised in the room for 4 to 6 hours a day, oblivious to the outside wold, overtaken by the thirst to perfect his music. One day Bismillah was engrossed in his sehnai practice at 4 a.m. all alone. Suddenly he realised that someone was sitting next to him. It was none other than Bhagavan Balaji Himself!. Shocked and astonished, Bismillah Khan remained still . Balaji smiled and said, ”Play.” Khan was too shocked to continue. Then Balaji smiled and disappeared. Later Bismillah Khan went to his Guru Ali anf narrated to him the experience. The uncle slapped him and said, ”Did I not tell you not to say any thing to any one?“ Ustad Bismillah Khan told this on Doordarshan some 10 years ago. Bhagavan does not go by caste,or creed; ‘Bhakti’ is the only criterion.

My father used to tell me about another such case. Pt Ravi Shankar’s first wife Annapurna’s father Ustad ALauddin Kan was  Muslim who was a devotee of Saraswati at a temple in Maihar, MP. When the king of neighboring kingdom of Rewa invited him to shift there and be his asthana vidwan, he refused saying he couldn’t leave Ma Saraswati. Ravi Shankar was a dancer in the troupe of his elder brother Uday Shankar, but after an accident he was told he could never dance again. .He wanted to commit suicide. Uday then brought him to Baba and asked him to save the boy. Baba taught him music and made him world’s greatest Sitar player and also gave his daughter who he named Annapurna, in marriage.Such a great singer, who rejected a king’s offer, sang for a postal audit party of my father because a member of the team knew classical music and asked some questions about it. Dont beleive fanatics on both sides. Remember the son of Kazi Nazrul Islam, aa great a poer as Tagore, had a Sankri name: Savyasachi.

Abrahamic Islam of Sunnis is NOT the only Islam. It also has Sufis, Babas and Bismillahs.

ప్రతిలిపిలో చదవండి – “చంద్రశే ఖర రాఓ గారికి ఒక విజ్ఞప్తి”

“చంద్రశే   ఖర   రాఓ  గారికి ఒక  విజ్ఞప్తి”, ప్రతిలిపిలో చదవండి: https://telugu.pratilipi.com/story/cduc1jmz2a9z?utm_source=android&utm_campaign=content_share భారతీయ భాషల్లో అపరిమిత కథలను పూర్తి ఉచితంగా చదవండి,రాయండి మరియు వినండి

On Way To Victory

Shedding tears (when not sleeping in public) helps
REMEMBER MEHARCHAND KHANNA, the Union Minister from 1954 to 1967, who could not stand unless supported by two persons, one on each side, but was given a Congress ticket to contest again in 1967 in Delhi, but lost?

Some media persons are crying hoarse and shedding copious tears about 91-year-old Lal Krishna Advani being NOT fielded again by the Bharatiya Janata Party, though he is given all respect as’margadarshak'(Mentor-guide) of the party. They themselves wanted “energetic, young” leaders like Rahul Gandhi to take over.

HD Devegowda is the new mentor of Congress in Karnataka, though he heads another party, the Janata Dal (Secular). The Indian National Congress made his son, heading the party that got the lowest number of votes, the Chief Minister of the State. Now it will support Deve Gowda in the coming Lok Sabha elections.

Mehar Chand Khanna thought he would win the Delhi election as he, as Minister for Rehabilitation, had “settled” lakhs of Punjabi refugees like himself by giving them houses which are now worth crores. Similarly, Deve Gowda thinks he can win the election on the strength of the Gowda caste vote as he made it a Gowda caste party (you are communal if you talk of Hinduism, but advocating casteism is secular). And all Muslims will vote against BJP. Don’t people vote sheepishly on caste and religion and not on issues?

So the grandfather, Haradanahalli Doddegowda Deve Gowda is Fighting from Bangalore North. Grandson one is fighting from Hasan, grandson two is fighting from Mandya, one son is Karnataka CM, another son is a minister, daughter-in-Law one is an MLA and second daughter-in-law is Zila Parishad head. Both will be MLAs next,

Did you notice the great sacrifice of Deve Gowda ji?

He did not bring his wife into politics, as another hero of the Congress, Lallu Yadav did, making her the Chief Minister when he himself had to quit because of conviction in a scam. Though that happened during Congress rule, how he is the mentor of the Congress in Bihar as, like the grand old party, he too believes in dynasty rule and his too is a caste-based party.

What a great man, Deve Gowda! He wept in public when “handing over” his Hasan seat, an ancestral property, to his grandson. He knows Indians are emotional fools who will fall for tears.

And that he is good at… when not sleeping in public.

Coward Modi, Not Rahul, Afraid of China’s Xi

Masood Azar, backed by secular China

COMMUNIST CHINA HAS, for the fourth time, exercised its veto power in the United Nations Security Council to save Jaish-e-Mohammed founder and chief terrorist Masood Azar from being declared a global terrorist.

And Rahul Gandhi, President of the dynasty-ruled Congress Party (who met Chinese leaders months ago along with sister Priyanka, her husband Robert Vadra and his mother Maureen in a gesture of friendship} has declared that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was a coward who was afraid of China’s President Xi (no, not an 11-member cricket team but a lifetime President of the country).

Rahul, the great-grandson of Jawaharlal Nehru who coined the slogan ‘Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai’ before India lost a war to China and said that “my heart goes out to the people of Assam” who were fleeing the Chinese aggression, is not a coward like Modi. It is only communal Assamese who hated Nehru for this tearful statement of surrender.

Modi’s diplomatic offensive and tour of scores of countries, including those never visited by an Indian Prime Minister, resulted in China being isolated in the world body. All the other members opposed China, backing India and threatened other steps against Azar. Of course, there was no such gang-up on the three other occasions when China backed Azar terrorism. The Congress-led UPA was then in power in Delhi.

It was purely due to their courage that Congress leaders kept quiet, knowing that China did it only in the interests of avoiding confrontation and conflict with the terrorists whom the Congress refers to with honorifics like ‘Ji’ and ‘Sahib’. Brave Congress leaders did so only in the interests of communal harmony and secularism.

Communism may hold that religion is “the opiate of the masses” but it does not matter to China that Jaish-e-Mohammed means ‘Army of Mohammed”, the main Prophet of Islam. Such small things are unimportant as China feels that Masood Azar is the very personification of goodness. He kills innocent people as they are ‘kaafirs’ who do not believe in Islam. He fights for the rights of invaders from abroad to occupy parts of Kashmir and throw out its residents, the Pandits, all in the interests of peace and harmony.

China has its own Muslim problem and therefore cannot anger its Jihadi Muslims by standing with India. According to China and the Indian National Congress, those opposing Jaish are communalists while supporting the killing of innocent men, women, and children is purely secular.

More details of what Rahul said against the ‘coward’ Modi could not be heard as they were downed in the thunderous applause of Congressmen for adding ‘coward’ to the list of abuses for Modi, like thief (chor), uneducated uncouth,(anpadh-gawar), low-born (neech) and tea-seller (chaiwala) — ha ha ha — which they hurled at him.

The deafening applause by tail-wagging Congressmen who describe Jeneu-wearing Brahmin Rahul, grandson of Feroze, as Ram and his sister Priyanka as Durga, is all in the interests of secularism. This is election time and the louder you shout exhibiting loyalty to the dynasty, the greater your chances of being nominated.

Jaish deserves support for another reason; it too is dynastic like the Congress. Almost all its office-bearers are members of Azar’s family.

And the pro-China factions of Communists, who once said “Chairman Mao is Our Chairman”, add to the tumult by clapping – more for China than for Rahul whom they now support in the interests of secularism, though Congress dismissed their first elected government in Kerala.

Meanwhile, the intolerant BJP workers are hoping he would spread more such pearls of wisdom. For, has not Manishankar (neech admi) Aiyar’s invitation to sell tea at Congress session helped Modi become the PM?

Saeed ‘ji’ Hafeez ‘Sahib’ And Modi ‘Chor’

PUBLIC MEMORY, JOURNALISM students are being told for decades, is phenomenally short
I myself unthinkingly reiterated this in a whole decade as a contributory lecturer in a post-graduate Department of Mass Communications, sometimes adding that the only memory shorter than that, perhaps, was that of sub-editors.

It is no wonder that none of the reports I had seen, both in print and on electronic media, about the controversy over the Congress party President, Rahul Gandhi, adding the honorific ‘ji’ to the name of anti-India terrorist Hafiz Sayeed, recalled how  width= the same terrorist was similarly honoured by the Congress earlier.

In 2013, the Home Minister of the Congress-led UPA government, Susheel Kumar Shinde, used ‘Ji’ and ‘sahib’ while referring to the Pakistan-backed terrorist. A huge furor
was raised about it in the Lok Sabha then, with several Bharatiya Janata Party MPs demanding that Shinde, be sacked.

Many Congress dynasty devotees felt the honorifics could just be the result of the cultured and refined speaking habits of their leaders.

It was not only the reverential reference to Hafiz Sayeed, now repeated by Rahul himself, which irritated the BJP. The Congress had parroted umpteen times that there was nothing called Islamic terrorism and that all terrorists were just criminals. Fine. It was a mere coincidence that almost all the terrorists were Muslims and the acts were done in the name of Islam and the Prophet who preached love and peace.

In the same breath, however, Shinde and Finance Minister P. Chidambaram, one of the few ‘think-tanks’ in the Congress (most others have left all thinking to the Gandhi dynasty) talked of Hindu and saffron terrorism. In spite of American intelligence, better equipped in Pakistan, telling that the blasts in the Samjautha Express and a masjid in India were the handiwork of Islamic terrorists, they tried their best to blame RSS and some Hindu leaders for the same – till the courts acquitted them after years of incarceration.

The same Congress leaders, however, called Prime Minister Narendra Modi a low-born (neech) tea-seller (chaiwala), uneducated and uncouth (anpadh, Gavaar), lier and theif (chor).

It is not known where their cultured refinement of speech had done then. Perhaps it was drowned in the loud guffaws (ha ha
ha) of Renuka Choudhary, the one leader who, when she was in Telugu Desam of after defection to Congress, was never known for use of soft or refined words.


Money, Muscle, Caste Cast Votes

Courtesy: Santabanta.com

FORMER CHIEF ELECTION Commissioner T.S. Krishnamurthy has said that the upcoming elections to the Lok Sabha will be marked by money power, violence and hatred’.

He is quoted in the media as saying that “every conceivable complication will take place because of the way the political parties are fighting. This, he said, makes the implementation of the model code of conduct as big challenge to the Election Commission.

Today a friend sent me a message (in Kannada) which says: Price of a buffalo – Rs,80,000, Bull – Rs 50,000, Goat – Rs,10,000, Dog of a good breed – Rs 5000 to 6000 and Pig – Rs. 3000 to 5000. The price of a man who sells himself (his vote) is only Rs.500 to 1000, the post adds.

Earlier there was a story about a politician who offered Rs.500 for a vote to a man who said he would, instead, have a donkey. The politician went searching for a donkey and found that the minimum price demanded was Rs.2000. So he went back to the voter and said he could not get a donkey cheap; instead, he offered to pay Rs.1000 for the vote.

“So, I cost less than a donkey?” the voter asked.

Yes, the donkeys who vote for other donkeys for money, under threats of musclemen, because the candidate belongs to his/her caste or religion definitely are very cheap, We get donkeys or puppies to rule us. And even then there is donkey trading which the media calls “horse” trading and anyone who buys the largest number of donkeys becomes the ruler.

In a “progressive” state of India, the Chief Ministership went to the party which secured the LEAST number of seats and the party which secured the highest number (though a little short of a majority) sits in the Opposition.

India, it must be admitted proudly, has a democracy – unlike most of the newly independent and most Muslim countries. But almost 72 years of independence has not helped us evolve a healthy political culture in which voting is done on programmes and policies, NOT caste or religion, money, muscle power and vote-bank politics of sheepish voting to whoever the ‘mukhia’ (chieftain) asks you to vote.

And the party which ruled the longest, the Indian National Congress, has to bear a large portion of the blame for this. The Bharatiya Janata Party, which once boasted of being a party with a difference, a party of principles, seems to have fallen in line with the dynasty-ruled Congress and seems to value electoral victories more than principles. The party whose leader, the late Atal Bihari Vajpayee once showed a bipartisan attitude and described his rival, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi as ‘Durga” for the courage shown in liberating Bangladesh, is now accused of taking credit for action against Pakistan for terrorism and even of ‘faking’ the Pulwama terrorist attack killing 44 of its Jawans, for electoral gains.

Bipartisanism has lost the poll to “electoral compulsions.” Perhaps we deserve only to be ruled by a dynasty or its puppies.

Ira Pande On Kashmir

By Ira Pande (Republished by Someswar)

The author of the piece below is an erudite, illustrious lecturer, author, editor and daughter of the well-known Hindi novelist of yesteryears, Shivani.

Ira Pande retired as the Chief Editor from the Publicity Division of IIC, New Delhi.

Her article amply highlights the dilemma of our ‘intelligentsia’, which has NOT been able to rid itself of the pernicious vestige of decrying Indian heritage and legacies


‘Kashmir is an integral part ofIndia‘. I have heard this line parroted by leaders of all political hues.

It has always sounded like an arbitrary statement designed to rebuff Pakistan, and to reaffirm India’s military might over a coveted geographical area.

Recently I came across facts that have totally changed my perspective on Kashmir. facts that have astounded me, but more than that baffled me, for they reveal glaring lacunae in the history we have been led to believeso far.

It is understandable that the British established a syllabus for us that was designed to obliterate our glories and inculcate shame in us for all things Indian. But, 70 years past independence, we are guilty of still toeing their line.


Thesee facts are proof that Kashmir is the fountainhead from which flows our culture, in fact, everything that defines our identity as Indians.

Due to my education at an elite school, I had considered myself reasonably well informed.

Yet, I had no clue at all about the significance of Kashmir vis a visIndian history and

— that it was home to Panini, whose Ashtadhyayi is considered the most scientific and flawless treatise on grammar in the world… –

— and of Patanjali, who gifted to humanity his Yog Sutra.

— Sharangdev, considered the father of both Hindustani and Carnatic music is from Kashmir

— Acharya Abhinav Gupt, one of the greatest scholars of all time, who wrote 46 literary classics, including the renowned Abhinav Bharti was Kashmiri.

His principles of Ras (emotions) are taught in 80 universities around the world.

Kashmir was considered the abode of Saraswati, the highest seat of learning in India and was also referred to as Sharada Peeth.

So much so that when students graduated from Kashi, they took four symbolic steps towards Kashmir, denoting their aspiration for higher learning.

Almost the entire body of Sanskrit literature has its origins in Kashmir.

Rajtarangini, an authoritative historical tome on the royal lineage of Kashmir, written by Kalhans in the 12th century, outlines the greatness of King Lalitaditya, possibly the most powerful Indian Emperor of all times, whose kingdom in the 8th century extended from the Caspian Sea in the North to the Kaveri basin in the South, and included Assam in the East.

How many Indians have even heard his name???

How many of us know that Srinagar was established by Ashoka or that Mahayana Buddhism was spread across mid-Asia, China and Japan by Kashmiri monks?

Who are the ‘educationists’ who deliberately withheld such vital slices of history from our textbooks?

How will the present as well as future generations realize that Kashmir is the keystone of our heritage through millennia, finding mention even in our oldest scriptures?

It is not just a piece of land. It is the abode of the soul of India

‘Kashmir is an integral part of India’ now has a new meaning for me. It is no longer a political statement, but an impassioned understanding of its importance


I reproduce this because many who read it were surprised that they never knew these facts. Now ‘liberal’ ‘intellectuals’ of ‘tukde tukde’ gangs may say she is wrong and that Kashmir belongs to invaders from abroad who conquered peace-loving people.

That may get them votes, for which they care more than for India.