‘No Confidence’ Motion – The Road Ahead….

By Mark Tully former BBC correspondent in India).

This Post, forwarded by a friend is only REBLOGGED by me. I did not write it, but agree with it. Hope it is really by Tully.

Mark Tully, India’s true friend

I am going to stick my neck out to predict that the (recent) ill conceived ‘No Confidence Motion’ (in Lok Sabha) is going to be the point, which is going to be looked back at, as the turning point for the end of the Gandhis’ influence and corrupt ecosystem.

Rahul Gandhi will never ever be the PM, or even be in a position to be king maker. Not ever.

Sonia Gandhi will not fight the 2019 general elections now. The debacle, telecast live the whole day, with the highest ever viewership, has put paid to her ability to bribe her way to power. It has shattered once and for all her illusions and mirage of being untouchable under all circumstances.

The stance and ruthlessness of the PM in tearing her and her progeny to bits, is not the polite attacks of yore. It is a clear bugle call that he cares two hoots for her ecosystem or her supposed control on power.

He has finally shed his diffidence to take on these arrogant snobbish dimwits head on, with no quarter to be given to her Lutyen’s Delhi Darbaris and their supposed ability to manipulate levers of power.

So, what are NaMo options ahead to tackle these erstwhile royalty. He is going to make sure Deepak Misra gets an extension of 2 years by amending the retirement age, which will ease the pressure of Lutyen’s Delhi Darbar crowd to approach SC for relief against the government. Also, it will put the Ram Mandir issue on fast track with resolution closer to the general elections for maximum impact.

We can now hope to see an amendment to the SPG act, which assures lifelong security at public expense to the Gandhis & their progeny. With Sonia Gandhi not fighting elections in 2019, her time in 10 Janpath will be over.

Even if Rahul Gandhi wins the next elections (which now is a big huge IF), he will probably be heading a party with less seats than 44. NaMo will shunt him out of his Akbar Road residence and his sister out of Lodi Road residence. That will signal their sorry plight in the power counting one and for all, to everyone to see.

Today’s debacle is going to have a far reaching impact on acceptability of Congress, with the Gandhis as effective partners in an bid to unite opposition. Even though it now seems to be a pipe dream for opposition to present a united front in coming election season. Except maybe in UP, where SP & BSP face possible annihilation if they don’t come together. Congress of course is not even a contender in UP.

Madhya Pradesh may see BSP making compromises with BJP as today’s debacle makes Congress a poor support base.

Today’s debacle has changed the political fortunes of the Gandhis for the worse. They don’t face any challenge to their hold over the Congress as the top supposed leadership of this party is only filled with yes men and royal darbans of the Gandhis, but the effects on the bottom rung will accelerate their complete demise from the political scene.

And without effective bottom cadres, the only way to stay relevant is to throw money to instigate riots, something they have already been doing for the last few years. A short term strategy with even more short term effects but assured long term destruction. And that time is NOW.

So what did NaMo actually achieve today? He essentially called out the empress and the prince as naked. There is now no going back to the illusions of splendour for them anymore.
Good riddance to bad rubbish.

(Though fluent in Hindi, Mark Tully is a Britisher by birth and a friend and well-wisher of indua, where he settled down. I have no way to confirm if it is really by him or a fake news.)

Ex-PM ‘s Price For Son’s Power

The man who became India’s Prime Minister during the post-Emergency Janata rule, HD Devegowda, is the first (hopefully the only) leader to support the Congress move to have as India’s next Prime Minister Rahul Gandhi, the grandson of Indira Gandhi who had imposed Emergency and jailed thousands of Indians.

That does not come as a surprise as Rahul’s Congress is supporting the Chief Ministership of Kumaraswamy, Devegowda’s son, though his party JDS won the LOWEST position in Karnataka Assembly election.

The parallel between his choice as PM and Rahul’s candidature is significant. Devegowda’s became the compromise candidate just to keep out a Brahmin, Ramakrishna Hegde and Rahul alias Pappu (by his own admission) to keep out an allegedly Brahminical party, the Bharatiya Janata Party.

The announcement by Devegowda is nothing more than an admission that he was prepared to pay any price for Congress support to keep his son in power.

That Rahul running the country may be a disaster, that he himself has been anti-Congress for decades does not matter to him.

Both stand for dynasty rule.

Any price for power is the real motto of all Indian political parties, almost all of them headed by dynasties.

Rahul is Congress, Indira was India

Congress personified

RAHUL GANDHI’S TWEET saying “I am Congress” might have reminded many of his grandmother Indira Ganhi’s Emergency-days campaign (by her sycophants, apparently at her instance), that “Indira is India”.

That no individual is indispensible, the party is above the leader and the nation above party is what any sane person would agree with.

And yet, in most developing countries individuals have been using their power to make it seem that they alone mattered more than everything. Once in power they tend to retain power for all time by hook or crook (often by the latter).

The tendency to be liftetime rulers, common in tribal African nations, seems to have spread now to China and Russia, reminiscent of ancient kingdoms ruled by autocratic kings

Congressmen, obviously, believe that Indira Gandhi can be succeeded only by Rajiv though he had no political background, Rajiv by Sonia though a foreigner, not experienced and unwilling and Sonia by son Rahul though he was unfit and more of a comic figure.

In fact a senior Congress leader Mani (neech admi) Shankar (uchai wala) Iyer deckared there could only be two persons considered for party Presidentship – the mother is the son. Despite overt wooing of Muslim vote banks, the grandson of Feroze was deckared to be a “Janevudhari” Brahmin (wearing sacred thread) though no thread ceremony (Upanayan) was held.

Had Rahul refused the sycophants would have unhesitatingly opted for his sister Priyanka and if she thought going to beauty parlours was more important than the strenuous job of being PM, they would have found great talents in her son or daughter. If they too preferred playing to the hard job of PM, Congressmen would not hesitate to enthrone the family’s dog which, miraculously, they would find far superior to any of their own selves.

Even those who believed in the dynastic rule of kings would not have been such great believers in dynasty. All because every one of them belong to some caste and are bound by caste rivalries while the Indira dynasty had to no caste as Nehru’s daughter Indira married Feroze, either a Parsi or, as some say, a Muslim.

And these casteists, who demand reservations for Dalit (low caste) Christians and Muslims (who claim to be casteless), call Bhariya Janata Party communal!

All parties with dynastic leaders now join hands with the Congress.

(Written on phone in Georgia, USA)

Choosing Words With Care

Beautiful face, ugly words

SASHI THAROOR obviously is proud of his mastery over words, as seen in his frequent verbal gymnastics with English words, flaunting obscure and rarely used ones dug out of some dictionary publishers.

For such a person to be be told by his own party to be careful in choice of words is nothing less than reprimand. More so for one who, by profession, deals in words; public relations is allied to journalism, if not a branch it, and that was his profession when he was an employee of the United Nations.

Perhaps he is one PR man who rose to the world’s highest position in his field, making India proud of him.

And so proud of mastery over words is Shashi Tharoor that he has been showing it off by using big bombastic words which made everyone rush to dictionaries. One suspected he was in the pay of dictionary k


Perhaps he, like all politicians, likes to stay in the limelight – even for wrong reasons like unsuccessful contest for the top UN post, multiple divorces, marriage (his third and her second or vice versa) or alleged affair with a Pakistani woman journalist, leading to his last wife’s suicide.

Sometimes over-enthusiasm makes people like Tharoor forget the very purpose of words – to communicate. Journalism is meant to communicate and not show off mastery over words, which are mere tools of the trade.

One may forgive Chidambaram for coining the term ‘saffron terror’ or former Home Minister Sushil Shinde for using a honorific for the Pakistani terrorist who masterminded Bombay blasts –in their over-enthusiasm to score over Bharatiya Janata Party.

But for Shashi Tharoor to say India was turning a ‘Hindu Pakistan’ under BJP is nothing but what the Congress high command chided him for: wrong choice of words.

And that is unpardonable for one who is primarily a wordsmith.

(Written on phone in train)

Hearing A Pin Drop

Gen. Cariappa
Gen. Cariappa, India’s first Army chief

‘PIN DROP SILENCE’  is  a popular expression in India and I was surprised when  I was told by an American professor 60 years ago at a journalism school I was studying in, that it was an “Indianism” and did not exist in English language.

The expression, however, is so common that anyone who knows (Indian) English can understand it. It means a crestfallen audience could
Nehru, the International statesman
hear even the noise of dropping of a                                                                     pin …. though they may all doubt if a pin when dropped  made any noise. at all.
Reproduced herewith is an article by Lt. Gen. Niranjan Malik PVSM (Retd), forwarded by someone who got it from someone else  on WhatsApp. It is in three takes – or at least the WA post says it is. It does not say who published it or whether it was copyrighted.
Take 1
Field Marshal Sam  Manekshaw once started addressing a public meeting at Ahmedabad in English. 
The crowd started chanting, “Speak in Gujarati.   We will hear you only if you speak in Gujarati.” Famous as ‘ Sam Bahadur of Gurkha Regiment, Field Marshal  Manekshaw stopped. He swept the audience with a hard stare and replied, 
“Friends, I have fought many a battle in my long career.  I have learned Punjabi from men of the Sikh Regiment;  Marathi from the Maratha Regiment;  `Tamil from the men of the Madras Sappers; Bengali from the men of the Bengal Sappers,  Hindi from the Bihar Regiment; and  Even Nepali from the Gurkha Regiment.   Unfortunately there was no soldier from Gujarat from whom I could have learned Gujarati.
You could have heard a pin drop
Take 2
Robert Whiting, an elderly US gentleman of 83, arrived in Paris by plane. At French Customs, he took a few minutes to locate his passport in his carry on.
“You have been to France before, Monsieur ?”, the Customs officer asked sarcastically.
Mr. Whiting admitted that he had been to France previously.
“Then you should know enough to have your passport ready.”  The American said, 
“The last time I was here,  I didn’t have to show it.” “Impossible. Americans always have to show their passports on arrival in France !”, the Customs officer sneered.
The American senior gave the Frenchman a long, hard look.  And he quietly explained 
“Well, when I came ashore at Omaha Beach,  at 4:40am, on D-Day in 1944, to help liberate your country, I couldn’t find a single Frenchman to show a passport to…. ” 
You could have heard a pin drop
Take 3:
 Soon after getting freedom from British rule in 1947, the de-facto prime minister of India, Jawahar Lal Nehru called a meeting of senior Army Officers to select the first Chief or General of the Indian army.
Nehru proposed, “I think we should appoint a British officer as a General of the Indian Army, as we don’t have enough experience to lead the Army.”  Having learned under the British, only to serve and rarely to lead, all the civilians and men in uniform present nodded their heads in agreement. 
However one senior officer, Nathu Singh Rathore, asked for permission to speak. 
Nehru was a bit taken aback by the independent streak of the officer, though, he asked him to speak freely.
Rathore said, “You see, sir, we don’t have enough experience to lead a nation too, so shouldn’t we appoint a British person as the first Prime Minister of India?”
You could hear a pin drop.
After a pregnant pause, Nehru asked Rathore,  “Are you ready to be the first General of the Indian Army?”
Rathore declined the offer saying, “Sir, we have a very talented Army officer, my senior, General Cariappa, who is the most deserving among us.” This is how the brilliant Gen. Cariappa became the first General and Rathore the first ever Lt. Gen. of the Indian Army. 
My Own Take
Field Marshal Kodandera Madappa Cariappa has been a legend India is proud of.
Many thanks to  the friend who forwarded  this article and also mentioning the writer. Most forwards, some of them masterpieces, are of anonymous origin, often ‘forwarded as received’ sometimes without even being read  (like this blog – – who has the time?).
The intention of Sam Bahadur was not to insult Gujaratis as non-fighters or to say he did not know their language, As a Parsi, hie own language was Gujarati, though like the Telugu of  Telangana , with some variations. Gujaratis are not fighters, but excel in business and commerce. 
In the early days of Independence, speaking in an Indian language was a matter of pride and not regional politics, as it is now. I remember Dr Pattabhi Sitaramayya, Governor of C.P. & Berar state, being similarly interrupted in the 50s when he started in English. He, a Registered Medical Practitioner (RMP)  by profession before joining freedom struggle, then spoke for almost an hour —  in Sanskrit!
Neither could Robert Whiting have intended to insult the French for surrender to Hitler’s forces. They excel in art and battle is “not their cup of tea” (or whatever they drink) .
Similarly, Gen. Rathore could not have tried to insult Nehru as politically inexperienced. Had he stuck to his plan to appoint a Britisher, Nehru could not have ignored a British General if he had pleaded, as Gen. Cariappa did, for 24 hours to push Pakistan back to a position it could not have fought from in the Kashmir war. But for Nehru international image was more important and the Indian Army plea was ignored to announce ceasefire and accept UN suggestion for a plebiscite.  
The rest is history.
You can hear a pin drop  when this is said.

Purohit’s Patronising Pat – A Non-Issue Blown Up

Purohit and 'Prof. Nirmala

Tamil Nadu Governor Purohit who owns ‘The Hitavada’ daily and ‘Prof.’ Nirmala Devi

IS  A STRANGE EXPERIENCE to see someone you know personally being trolled and an incident involving him/her being blown out of proportion.

The Governor of Tamil Nadu, Banwarilal Purohit, finds himself (to put it in the words      of  a newspaper) in “yet another” controversy (as if he has been the perpetrator of many scams) when he patted the cheek of a woman reporter after she asked a question  as his

The apology
The letter of apology  (courtesy Dainik Bhaskar

press conference ended and he was leaving.  The  “controversy” about which many reporters “sought clarification” was a remark by  Nirmala Devi, the assistant professor of a college whose voice clipping asking college girls to please university officials sexually to get better marks went viral. She had said she was once present on a dais from which the Governor, Banwarilal Purohit, spoke. Many questions were asked implying, suggesting, or questioning,  the governor’s involvement  in some  racket with the professor. Nirmala  has been  arrested  on charges of luring four  girl students to extend sexual favours to university officials. 

Having worked for 15 years as a news agency head in a city where Purohit brought out an English daily and ran Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan   schools with several branches (where a majority of  teachers are  women) and knowing several journalists, including women, who worked in his newspaper, I had never heard of his behaving inappropriately with women or having any ‘affairs’.

Such matters, even when not published or exposed, cannot be hidden. There are always whispers about them – and there were none about Purohit.   A businessman, he had taken over the newspaper from a politician who was notorious not only as a “hero” of the Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi but also for making advances  to a film actress, among other things.

Patronising pat
 The InShorts item

The Press, which had no guts to oppose the Congress minister then, was trying to make out as if  Purohit had some link to the woman professor simply because, as the Chancellor of all universities in his State, he happened to address a meeting from a stage on which she was also seated. As soon as the clip about her “advice” to the college girls went viral he had, as Chancellor of the university, he ordered a probe.

Touching someone “without permission” is, of course, not at all proper. The Chennai Press Club found his action an “outrageous” and “unbecoming conduct,” which was “neither exemplary nor condonable”.

An apology was demanded and  it was sent, signed by Purohit himself, by the Raj Bhavan immediately to the woman journalist who made a big issue of it on the social media, narrating how  she felt violated and washed her face many many times after the incident. She also sent a protest mail, though she too felt his action was ‘grandfatherly’.

He mailed back, “I considered that question to be a good one. Therefore, as an act of appreciation for the question…I gave a pat on your cheek considering you to be like my granddaughter.”  In his letter of apology, the Governor said he was in the print media for 40 years and that the “pat on cheek” was done with affection  to express his appreciation for her question, which came too late to be answered.

“I do understand from your mail that you feel hurt about the incident. I wish to express my regret and my apologies to assuage your sentiments that have been hurt,” Purohit added.

It is true that women in India do not like to be touched – even handshakes are normally replaced by the joining of hands in ‘Namaste’. Purhohit’s  act was patronizing and many do not like it.  I recall a former Chief Minister and an ex-Minister (incidentally both died in accidents) talking to me with  hands on my shoulders as if they were my friends,  –though I disagreed with both.  And they did not even know me well. Pats on the back were too many to be remembered.

But  then it was not considered inappropriate. Neither was a former President’s reply  (to a query by reporters why he always spoke exclusively to a particular woman reporter): “You wear saaris and come, I will tell you.” It was meant to be a joke and taken so.

Being patronizing is disliked. It may probably be an issue of cultural gap; Banwarilal Purohit  comes from Maharashtra  where the segregation of the sexes is not as severe as in the South. His association with a saffron party may be another (and perhaps the main) reason.  It could also be a hangover from the days when very few women were in the media, while they perhaps outnumber men now.

Whatever it is, his intentions cannot be doubted to blow a non-issue blown out of proportions by a Press with priorities mixed up.

The Crime Of Getting Caught

Anti-BJP poster
Kerala poster equates BJP campaigners with rapists

WHENEVER A CRIME report appears in a newspaper or is shown on news channel, the most common reaction of almost everyone is, “So one got caught. How many more may have committed big crimes without getting caught?”

Given the present state of policing and justice delivery in the country, the punishment is for getting caught andnot for committing a crime. The police may deliberately

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Remembering Babasaheb

Shekhar Soni book
Cover of book ‘Jai Bhim, Jai Bharat’ by Shekhar Soni, released at Nagpur

THERE IS NOTHING sacred or serious which the Indian politicians do not debase with their penchant for politicization and using falsehoods for amassing votes.

Mahatma Gandhi was used for decades by the Congress for vote-catching without any relevance to his ideology or principles. Nathuram Godse killed Gandhi’s body but he was assassinated ideologically by the Congress again and again. Even his name is being used by its dynasty, adopting it as the family name, making thousands if uneducated innocent people believe that it is the descendents of the Father of the Nation who head the party.

The party believes that the voters of the country are idiots to believe that the grandson of Feroze, pretending to be a descendent of a Vasihya (bania – which M.K. Gandhi was), “is a janaudhari Brahmin”, as proudly declared by a Congress leader. No denial was issued by the ‘secular’ party. The sacred thread or janau is worn after Upanayanam or  ‘thread ceremony’ and the leader does not say when and where the ceremony was performed.

And all this just to get votes as the party feared that with its appeasement of minorities it was losing Hindu votes. So he would hop around temples before elections  and declare himself a Brahmin.

Just as Gandhi was the leader of the freedom struggle, the struggle of the downtrodden communities oppressed for centuries as ‘untouchables’ and ‘low caste’ dalits was led by  Bharat Ratna Dr. Bhimrao R. Ambedkar, son of an Jawan of the army who rose to be a Barrister who headed the committee that gave India one of the world’s best Constitutions.

And so the unholy rush to claim his legacy as their own by several political parties has reached a crescendo. The so-called ‘Dalit leaders’ enjoying reservations and becoming millionaires (even as the real Dalits remain as poor and as socially ostracized as before) are so transparently fake that even Dalits who remained illiterate and poor after 70 years of  freedom could see through the falsehood. A new Brahminical class of Rams and Paswans emerged, as far removed from the downtrodden as the Branhmins.

The race for claiming the legacy of Dr Ambedkar saw Prime Minister Narendra Modi claim that his party had done much more for Babasaheb than any other.  And yet fringe groups on whom he depends  for mandate to rule the country desecrate the statues of

Saffron Amedkar‘Saffronized’ Ambedkar statue repainted  original blue in UP

 the Dalit leader, sometimes paint it saffron or breaking it.


The latest farce in this field is the act of  Yogi’s      Uttar Pradesh government in spelling out his name in official documents as ‘Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar’      (Dr Ambedkar, born in Mhow near Indore, MP, was a Maharashtrian and wrote his father’s name Ramji, as second name as all Maharashtrians do).

There is nothing wrong in doing so, except the motive, which was to show that his father was named after Lord Ram, though he and a lakh of his followers converted themselves to Buddhism on 14 October 1956, at Deekshabhoomi, Nagpur, over 20 years after declaring  his intent to convert and a few weeks before his death.

It is therefore appropriate that ‘Jai Bhim Jai Bharat’. a beautifully produced coffee table photo-book by my friend Shekhar Soni was released today (April 14) at Nagpur by Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. It has 125 excellent photographs depicting the journey from Mhow to Mumbai and the people, places and monuments connected with Babasaheb.

Both Soni and Fadnavis are NOT Dalits. Both do not face elections now.

The BJP’s act including ‘Ramji’ was immediately made an issue by the Congress-led Opposition, though the Barrister signed the Constitution as ‘Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar’ as a member of the Constituent Assembly and a postageBabasaheb stamp stamp issued during Congress rule also has the same full name.

Another millionaire Dalit leader made him posthumously her party’s member and erected his statues all over her state at huge cost to the tax payer.

The Congress, which put up candidates against him and got him defeated twice in Lok Sabha elections, also swears by his name and the Constitution of India he helped frame, though the party amended it most. The haste with which ‘Bharat Ratna’ was conferred on members of the dynastic heads of the party was not shown in the case of Dr. Ambedkar.It was the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government of BJP which conferred it posthumously in 1990, just before his centenary in 1991.

There is no doubt that the Dalits were subjected to atrocities for centuries and laws had to be made for their uplift. But a violent agitation was launched against the government for ‘diluting’ the SC/ST Atrocities Act when the Supreme Court – not the BJP-led  NDA government — ruled that arrests under the Act should be based on verification that such  atrocity was committed and not be done automatically.

The agitation, declared as a ‘big success’  by  BSP leader Mayawati as it resulted in destruction of property worth 1000 crores and death of 10 people (including an RSS man to oppose caste violence), was launched despite the government declaring that it was opposing the ruling, had no intention to dilute the Act and did not propose to abolish reservations.

Perhaps the Congress-led Opposition front was sought to be wrought on the funeral pyres of those killed and the flames burning public property.


Why Impeach Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra?

The Chief Justice              CJI Deepak Mishra – impeachment to suit  vote-bank politics
THE CONGRESS PARTY  led by Rahul Gandhi, is spearheading a movement to impeach the Chief Justice of India, Justice Deepak Mishra.
The first judge to face impeachment proceedings in 2011 in the Rajya Sabha was Justice Soumitra Sen of Calcutta HC for al alleged misappropriation of about Rs.32 lakhs in his earlier role as a lawyer and not as a judge. He resigned to avoid the impeachment.
Also in 2011, Justice Paul Danial Dinakaran faced a Rajya Sabha panel before facing impeachment on charges of corruption, land grab etc., but was allowed to resign to escape action.
Justice J. B. Pardiwala was sought to be removed in 2015 by the Congress and the Left parties as he blamed reservations and corruption as the twin evils responsible for the country’s ills. He too resigned
The Congress, whose leader Kapil Sibal in 1993  defended in court Supreme Court judge V.Ramaswami, suspected to be corrupt due to his ostentatious living and lavish spending  on building his house, abstained from voting in the Rajya Sabha just to save him from impeachment. It wants Deepak Mishra out because it thinks he is pro-Narendra Modi.
EVEN  if (not admitting) he is, Congress seems to have forgotten that the originator of the  theory of  “committed judiciary”  is Mrs. Indira Gandhi, who  as Prime Minister ignored the seniority of three judges to appoint a CJI of her liking.
The Congress move will be the first to impeach judges or political reasons, thus trying to politicise the judiciary just as it has been the military. The main reason for survival of democracy in India  is the neutrality of the judiciary and the defence forces.
Perhaps the party  believes democracy is the main hurdle on perpetrating rule by the dynasty and every Congressman believes ONLY the Indira dynasty can rule India.
Why does the party want Deepak Mishra to be impeached? It wants to kill many birds with one stone as this post which went viral on social networks.
 1.  He wants to quickly decide on Ram Mandir at Ayodhya whereas Congress is putting all obstacles; Kapil Sibal even pleaded to postpone hearing to July 2019, after elections, to which he didn’t agree. Most politicians want the issue to hang on eternally, to intimidate  Muslims into voting against BJP and not on issues.
 2.  He’s ordered reopening of  Sikhs’ genocide case of 1984 led by Congressmen following Indira Gandhi’s assassination by a Sikh.  The case was closed by Congress.
 3.  He wants to expeditiously start hearings, by a Special Court, to decide whether a person convicted of punishment (over 2 yrs) can contest elections; or can hold position as MP/Minister (likes of Lalu, and many more)?
 4.  He wants expeditious hearing (on day-to-day basis) in many high profile corruption cases, kept in cold storage for decades (most involving Congress leaders  (including Sonia and Rahul Gandhi in National Herald  case where the case hasn’t moved an inch in four years)  by agreeing to set up 12 Special Courts.
 5.  Only two days back, he did the unthinkable, by referring the issue of Polygamy (four wives by muslims) and Halala (a kind of camouflaged rape), a practice under Muslim (Sharia) law, to a Constitution Bench of the SC to be set up by him.
 6.  A corrupt HC Judge was suspended by the CJI because he permitted a medical college to restart admissions despite SC, and Indian Medical Council, banning it. The Congress Advocates wanted his case, and some other cases, to be allocated to specific judges of their choice, but Dipak Misra didn’t oblige;  it’s his prerogative to allocate, being master of roster.
As is public knowledge four  SC judges  distributed pamphlets to the media against the Chief Justice outside the court .   The CJI on the other hand has now written to the President to remove him.
 7.  There’re many more such issues — the main point being the Allocation of cases (to preferred judges) and appointment of Special Courts.
Anyone aware of how Indian judicial system works, knows that the key in getting a favourable judgement (wrongly though) lies in getting the case allocated to a favourable Judge. That’s how bigwigs manage to win, delay, when they’ve committed crimes; and this was going on for decades. This CJI Dipak Misra is apparently not part of their eco-system; hence all hell breaks out.
So, seeing no option, what Congress (with the help of Opposition)  is doing now is to introduce a notice of motion in either House of Parliament for his removal from the post.  They know they don’t have the numbers (need a majority plus 2/3rd members voting). Yet, their objective is to demoralise him, malign him, and pressurise him to fall in line. And still, if he doesn’t, then they will label his judgments as biased and wrong,
murder of democracy,  to fool public.
The Supreme Court judgement that a simple FIR by a dalit, without any proof,  that someone used a bad word against his/her caste (abusing in the name of caste) should not result in  compulsory arrest under SC/ST (Atrocities) Act led to ‘bandh’  and  nationwide violence  “against amending the Act” on April 2. This shows the Opposition is desperately trying to fan violence to corner votes – even after the government itself appealed against the judgement and said no amendment was planned. Impeaching the CJI would mean getting dalit votes now.
The learned jurist  Soli Sorabjee has rightly called this Congress step a “blackmail”.  And only a devout dynasty devotee Congressman can belittle the  eminence  of  Sorabjee.
Now you see how Congress has been ruling this country.  They have in their pocket a loyal media, and bureaucracy.  Now they want  judiciary too… all the three pillars needed to govern (and now even our personal details – through Cambridge Analytica –  to manipulate perceptions, to win).
 Congress and its allies can set the country on fire – just to get votes.

What? Only Rs 300 million?

Rags to riches story: Laloo Yadav in a peon’s quarters, 32 years ago

A FORMER PEON IN THE VETERINARY DEPARTMENT IN BIHAR BECOMES THE  CHIEF  Minister and makes his semi-literate wife a poxy CM to rule  the state from j:ail  when caught for fodder scandal.

DKS:Congress’ money & muscle

A minister becomes the defacto chief minister of the state through amassed wealth and muscle power to amass more wealth. An Income Tax probe initiated  against him  when his own party was in power gets mysteriously dropped , obviously with his own party’s top bosses  backing him. Equally strangely it is revived when the rivals come to power.

Rags to riches stories come from  all over the world and are always  interesting.  Stories of those who, with their innovative ideas,  inventive brains or hard work rise from humble beginnings to great heights can be inspiriting, and trend-setting. A peon, Laloo in 32 years as and a school teacher, Mayawati in an even shorter time becoming multi-millionaires is as commendable as an Ambani, once going around on a cycle to sell things, growing into a billionaire.

In India, however, almost all rags-to-riches stories are of politicians who used power to become rich overnight or businessmen backed by politicians who rose to the top through manipulation of stock markets, marketing  of fake goods or ‘ponzi schemes’ of finance rackets. Or in both cases,  through simple, plain corruption.

As wealth alone seems to matter more than the means used to earn it, there is no social stigma against taking  wrong path or shortcuts to  become rich. Still Narayana Murthys and Aziz Premjis are respected far more than politicos who turned rich overnight .

The effort by a politician to portray Murthy as a land-grabber simply  because of his caste or Premji being opposed by some other just because of his religion have cut no ince with aythe people, who still have higher regard for both than for politicians.  

And yet they elect these verty leaders because of their caste, cash or coercion the three pillar of Indian politics.

Congress leaders who cried themselves hoarse condemning BJP, were deafeningly silent on both CBI raids on Bihar Deputy CM Tejaswi Yadav or the Rs. 300 crores unearthed in Income Tax raid on D.K.Shivakumar  . Rahul Gandhi did not say a word on Tejashvi or DKS, the de facto chief minister when S.M. Krishna was heading the state  (perhaps with the tacit approval of the party bosses, which later made Krishna leave the party itself).

And joining hands with Congress wiped out all the sins of Tejaswi’s father, Bihar ex-CM Laloo Yadav whose daughter could buy property worth millions and son could have land deals of  90 million rupees “even before a moustache” sprouted on his face.

The BJP has its own share of such black sheep, though the top leaders have so fat kept off blatant corruption.  It talks of values while backing Nitish Kumar or admitting defectors who had no ideological affinity, like N.D.Tiwari or S.M.Krishna. Or  when raiding  people selectively. Tomorrow DKS having engaged a private tutor to teach him Sanskrit some years ago may endear him to BJP and facilitate his admission to that party. When  it is in power, all his sins would be forgiven. That’s  politics. – Indian style.

The normal reaction of those who commented online or spoke about raids on more than 30 premises all over the country connected with Shivkumar was  “What? Only  300 million rupees?”. And no one is surprised that he was raided just when he ‘hosted’ 44 Gujarat Congress MLA  at a luxury resort of Bangalore for a week

We, as a nation, are corrupt. We admire honest people but support the corrupt.