Coward Modi, Not Rahul, Afraid of China’s Xi

Masood Azar, backed by secular China

COMMUNIST CHINA HAS, for the fourth time, exercised its veto power in the United Nations Security Council to save Jaish-e-Mohammed founder and chief terrorist Masood Azar from being declared a global terrorist.

And Rahul Gandhi, President of the dynasty-ruled Congress Party (who met Chinese leaders months ago along with sister Priyanka, her husband Robert Vadra and his mother Maureen in a gesture of friendship} has declared that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was a coward who was afraid of China’s President Xi (no, not an 11-member cricket team but a lifetime President of the country).

Rahul, the great-grandson of Jawaharlal Nehru who coined the slogan ‘Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai’ before India lost a war to China and said that “my heart goes out to the people of Assam” who were fleeing the Chinese aggression, is not a coward like Modi. It is only communal Assamese who hated Nehru for this tearful statement of surrender.

Modi’s diplomatic offensive and tour of scores of countries, including those never visited by an Indian Prime Minister, resulted in China being isolated in the world body. All the other members opposed China, backing India and threatened other steps against Azar. Of course, there was no such gang-up on the three other occasions when China backed Azar terrorism. The Congress-led UPA was then in power in Delhi.

It was purely due to their courage that Congress leaders kept quiet, knowing that China did it only in the interests of avoiding confrontation and conflict with the terrorists whom the Congress refers to with honorifics like ‘Ji’ and ‘Sahib’. Brave Congress leaders did so only in the interests of communal harmony and secularism.

Communism may hold that religion is “the opiate of the masses” but it does not matter to China that Jaish-e-Mohammed means ‘Army of Mohammed”, the main Prophet of Islam. Such small things are unimportant as China feels that Masood Azar is the very personification of goodness. He kills innocent people as they are ‘kaafirs’ who do not believe in Islam. He fights for the rights of invaders from abroad to occupy parts of Kashmir and throw out its residents, the Pandits, all in the interests of peace and harmony.

China has its own Muslim problem and therefore cannot anger its Jihadi Muslims by standing with India. According to China and the Indian National Congress, those opposing Jaish are communalists while supporting the killing of innocent men, women, and children is purely secular.

More details of what Rahul said against the ‘coward’ Modi could not be heard as they were downed in the thunderous applause of Congressmen for adding ‘coward’ to the list of abuses for Modi, like thief (chor), uneducated uncouth,(anpadh-gawar), low-born (neech) and tea-seller (chaiwala) — ha ha ha — which they hurled at him.

The deafening applause by tail-wagging Congressmen who describe Jeneu-wearing Brahmin Rahul, grandson of Feroze, as Ram and his sister Priyanka as Durga, is all in the interests of secularism. This is election time and the louder you shout exhibiting loyalty to the dynasty, the greater your chances of being nominated.

Jaish deserves support for another reason; it too is dynastic like the Congress. Almost all its office-bearers are members of Azar’s family.

And the pro-China factions of Communists, who once said “Chairman Mao is Our Chairman”, add to the tumult by clapping – more for China than for Rahul whom they now support in the interests of secularism, though Congress dismissed their first elected government in Kerala.

Meanwhile, the intolerant BJP workers are hoping he would spread more such pearls of wisdom. For, has not Manishankar (neech admi) Aiyar’s invitation to sell tea at Congress session helped Modi become the PM?

An Act Of Hatred On A Day Of Love

Pakistani Masood Azar J-e-M chief   – who ‘gifted’ death to 44 Indian CRPF men on Valentine Day

VALENTINE DAY, FEBRUARY 14, is celebrated in many countries as a day of love. It is ironical that Jaish-e-Mohammed, an organization named after the Prophet who preached peace and love, chose that day to brutally murder 44 Jawans of the Indian paramilitary force, Central Reserve Police Force(CRPF), in an act of terrorist hatred at Pulwama in J&K.

It is equally ironical that the Congress Party and the National Conference, the parties responsible for the Kashmir imbroglio, tried to politicize the act of terrorism with some Congress leaders like its Chief (not cheap) Spokesman Randeep Singh Surjawala, tried to ridicule Prime Minister Narendra Modi as boasting of “56-inch chest” without action and Congress’ Punjab pro-Pak minister N. S. Siddhu, defended that country as being not to be blamed.

This despite clear indications that the terrorist act, for which Pakistani terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed proudly owned responsibility, was directed by Pakistani and its spy agency ISI. The ‘secular liberal intellectuals’ also remained as silent as they were when the Muslim majority in Jammu and Kashmir state looted, raped and drove out the state’s original residents, the  Pandits.


A celebratory tweet by a Kashmiri ‘student’. 

TThe reaction of the Congress and some Opposition parties appeared to be almost one of glee as reflected in a tweet by a Kashmiri student of Aligarh Muslim University, which mimicked a  film dialogue “How is the Jaish? Great Sir, #Kashmir #Pulwama” replacing ‘Josh’ with Jaish.

It is a fact that he was not alone in celebrating the death of 44 brave men who gave their lives for the defence of the country, And not all of them were Muslims as some far-right Hindu fundamentalists would have us believe. Some of the 17 or18 were Hindus. One of them, a woman journalist of a known anti-BJP news channel, was rewarded by the with two weeks of paid holiday. Another was an LIC officer.

Both the Kashmir parties, People’s Democratic Party of Mehbooba Mufti, who got three barriers on the road removed thus facilitating the suicide attack and Farooq Abdulla the dynastic leader of National Conference which initiated the Kashmir issue,  and  his son Omar,  took clearly pro-Pakistan stands

They were all highly concerned about ‘innocent’ Kashmiris who had raped, killed and threw out the original residents of Kashmir, the Pandits, being harassed by the Army.

This can happen only in “intolerant” India.

(Written on phone on Feb.14 night. Posted 7 days later, only as a proof of being alive)


The Dog-Shit In Our Brains

SEVERAL FRIENDS REACTED to my last blog — which was not by me (perhaps the reason it was liked) but by Srividya Srinivasan.

As I i mentioned at the outset’ I did not know her as the piece was mailed to me by a freind and I liked it so much I published it with no changes. Everyone who read it ( strangely it does not apear in the list of my blogs) as the link I sent led to it and agreed with all he said .

One reader even pointed out what she forgot: dog shit left on our footpaths to the disgust of morning walkers. In the US all residents in a colony who walk their dogs are asked to carry a bag and a pair ofvtongs to pick up the shit, put it in the oad and drop it in the trash.

The dog shit on footpaths can be picked up and put in trash bins. But what about the shit filling the brains of many who throw all trash on public roads and any place outside their homes? In India we pride ourselve in keeping our houses clean by throwing all trash out – even in the neighbour’s premises.

As the neighbour also does the same. we all live in trash dumps. The dog shit in our brains of those ridiculing the Swacch Bharat drive of Narendra Modi has to be cleared first. Why was keeping clean not thought of by those who ruled for decades? Because you don’t get votes from it?

That reminded me of a cartoon by R K Laxman decades ago. The ubiquitous ‘common man’ of his cartoons is seen telling a political worker at a booth surrounded by trash from the campaign: “You said you will sweep the polls. Go sweep them.”

It is time we all did some did some sweeping. And cleaning up, starting with our brains.

A Seer Above Politics, Religion

A true ‘Ratna’ of Bharat
SHIVAKUMARA SWAMIJI, who passed away on January 21, 2019 at the grand age of 111 years, is considered a ‘Nadeda Devaru’ (walking god) by many, including those who do not belong to the religious sect of Lingayats, whose most prominent pontiff he was.
He headed the oldest religious centre of Lingayats (the sect that the Congress government tried to divide by declaring Veerasaivas non-Hindu), the Siddaganga mutt at Tumakuru, not far from Karnataka’s state capital, Bengaluru. His death, deeply mourned, led to the state government declaring a three-day mourning cancelling all official functions (though a state minister, Priyank Kharge, son of Congress’ floor leader in Lok Sabha, Mallikarjun Kharge, defied the ban).
So much has been written about the Swamiji and so many tributes paid to him by celebrities all over India, that writing about his life would be redundant. It was just days after his death that the list of those conferred India’s highest honour, Bharat Ratna, was announced.
The Swamiji’s name was not on the list.
This led to many protests. Some came from people who were not aware that the procedure for deciding on the awardees takes months and others from those who knew but wanted to either politicalize the issue or take the credit for the act when it finally comes, as the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party leaders had that a panel headed by the Union Home Minister had already decided to confer the honour and the procedure had begun.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid tributes to the seer in his routine addresses to the nation but did not, as he should have, mention that the honour would be conferred on him. A lot of vitriolic speeches and social media posts lamented the delay in conferring the honour, implying that the BJP was against it. That is politics.
The following story narrated by a friend in the field of social work is significant in saying why he remained relatively unknown:
“During tea break in office today, my Korean colleague asked me ‘Please tell me who is Shivakumara Swami, why are millions of people in such deep grief over his demise?’
“I asked him ‘Do you know Mother Teresa?’
“He replied ‘Of course, world renowned Nobel Prize winner popular for her humanitarian works. Who does not know her? We even had a lesson about her in our textbooks’
”I said ‘Very good. Now think about Mother Teresa, her accomplishments and her ecosystem, subtract religious conversions from it, subtract media publicity from it, add 132 educational institutions producing 50,000 graduates annually to strengthen Indian economy, add Gurukuls, the Indian residential schools of spiritualism, educating 10,000 students annually to safeguard traditional academic learning, add free meals facility to all students, add agricultural initiatives supporting 500.000 farmers annually, and that’s how you finally get Shivakumara Swamiji’
“He exclaimed ‘Wow!! This is absolutely unbelievable! He seems to be a role model for humanitarian efforts for the whole world. In South Korea, we knew about Indians like Mother Teresa & Mahatma Gandhi, but I wonder why we were never aware of Shivakumara Swamiji’
“I said ‘There’s a simple reason for it. The global media never tried to highlight his efforts & achievements, because he always wore saffron’.
A Congress leader was critical of “a singer” (Bhupen Hazarika) being awarded Bharat Ratna, forgetting that a cricket player (whose records are all broken) was similarly honoured earlier. So was actor MGR who spoke of independent Dravidastan.
Another friend, also in social work, thought this was all RSS propaganda. He could not deny that Mother Teresa was more known than Shivakumara Swami or that as a missionary, her primary work was conversion of Indians to Christianity.
Shivakumara Swami is to be seen in the background of some godmen amassing much more wealth than corrupt politicians and some, like Asharam Bapu, Ram Raheem and Nityananda ending up in jail. Religion, it is said, has become the most lucrative business in India.
The BJP demonstrations against Priyank Kharge’s official function, as also the repeated statements demanding Bharat Ratna award for Swamiji are both attempts to politicize the Swamiji’s death.
The friend who criticized Modi for not conferring the award said, “Mahatma Gandhi and Shivakumara Swamiji eluded the Nobel Prize, and not vice versa. Great souls like Swamiji never seek awards in this world. In the next world, they get union with Cosmic Force even which they did not seek, let alone the reward of luxuries in heaven.”
He perhaps did not know Gandhiji not getting the Nobel is the issue of international debate and that the Nobel Committee itself regretted it. They may not have even heard of Swamiji.
The friend also pointed out that Satya Saibaba of Puttaparthi got international recognition even though he wore saffron robes because of publicity. ”Do not fault the media. The world is not against Hindus as the Nagpur set up (RSS) makes us believe. Publicity happens when someone has a machinery to seek it. An effective PR officer would have achieved it for Swamiji,” he added.
I do not know about Mother Teresa but Satya Saibaba whom I visited several times, did not have a PRO. He and the original Shirdi Saibaba were above one religion and never converted people. At Puttaparthi, national days and festivals of all countries, including Pakistan, are celebrated.
In Satya Saibaba’s birthday celebrations I have seen a Pakistani delegation marching as did visitors from more nations than in the UN. I saw people from more foreign countries in Puttaparthi than in New Delhi or even in the USA. Satya Sai has put up world-class hospitals and educational institutions. Those attacking him as fake did nothing but that.
The only foreign countries Satya Sai visited were Uganda (in the dangerous Idi Amin days) and Kenya, though he was invited by many devotees to their countries. His trip to California, for which American devotees there made elaborate preparations, never materialized.
It is not just service that distinguished Shivakumara Swami. “He actually lived a puritan life, did not go overseas to attract attention, and drew admirers and devotees to his own place. We cannot compare him to anyone. He was a ‘Jeevan Muktaha’ of which Adi Sankara wrote in Bhajagovindam. Liberated souls do not seek recognition,” my friend said. No one can deny that.
The recognition is by the people and not by any party. Some political parties may have tried to drag him and his name into politics, but Shivakumara Swami was above it. Fifteen lakh people visited and received Prasad on a single day — which probably only Kumbhmela surpasses.
The pictures of thousands of people weeping over his passing away symbolizes the life of Shivakumara Swami, who wanted jeevansamadhi (being buried alive) and built a grave which he wanted to enter alive, but did not, in deference to the wish of his devotees. It was in this grave that he was finally buried.
One incident related to his equal love for all religions will remain forever in my memory. I went to an Airtel service center to have my cell number, kept in ‘safe custody’ when I went abroad. There I met Burhan Sadiq, who told me he had studied in Siddaganga Institute of Technology.
“I went to Tumakuru and visited the mutt when I came to know he passed away,” Sadiqbhai told me. He did not remember that he is a Muslim.
Neither did Swamiji. He believed in Vasudaiva kutumbakam (the world is one family).

2019 – A New Year Has Begun

2019 – A NEW YEAR has arrived. Today, January 1, is the day of promises to oneself, New Year resolutions, bucket lists, and plans…a day of greeting everyone you know and even strangers.

This will be followed by unfulfilled promises, resolutions broken, lists that remain on paper and plans that remain in the mind. This is a pessimistic view. Some people do make a new beginning, start implementing resolutions and try to make the new year a happy one as desired

In my case, the last quarter of this year would mean completion of 80 years of age – one more year of a vigil at the exit gate of life, waiting for it to open. The boastful ‘unstoppable’ is slowing down and a decision is to be taken on whether to continue till 80 or make it ‘stoppable’ now — neither acclaimed if continued nor missed if stopped.

This post is being written, perhaps, due to the Indian belief that what happens on a new year day or a birthday will happen throughout the year – which explains why some celebrate these days by feasting and wearing new clothes.

Writing this is, however, not to ensure that this would continue for the year but an acknowledgment of the fact that I have lived, from the age of 16, by writing, with no great achievements in the past and certainly none likely in the few weeks or months that remain. That is the story of most. not all, people on earth.

And yet we wish each other a Happy New Year and celebrate the occasion. The famous poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz (1937-1984) who migrated to Pakistan during Partition (to start Communist movement there, but was frustrated due to his failure) asks what is new in the new year or how it is ‘happy’.

ऐ नए साल बता, तुझमें नया-पन क्या है

हर तरफ़ ख़ल्क़ ने क्यूँ शोर मचा रक्खा है

रौशनी दिन की वही, तारों भरी रात वही

आज हम को नज़र आती है हर इक बात वही

आसमाँ बदला है, अफ़सोस, ना बदली है ज़मीं

एक हिंदसे का बदलना कोई जिद्दत तो नहीं

अगले बरसों की तरह होंगे क़रीने तेरे

किस को मालूम नहीं बारह महीने तेरे

जनवरी, फ़रवरी और मार्च पड़ेगी सर्दी
और अप्रैल, मई, जून में होगी गर्मी

तेरा मन दहर में कुछ खोएगा, कुछ पाएगा
अपनी मीआद बसर कर के चला जाएगा

तू नया है तो दिखा सुबह नयी, शाम नयी

वरना इन आँखों ने देखे हैं नए साल कई

बे-सबब देते हैं क्यूँ लोग मुबारकबादें

ग़ालिबन भूल गए वक़्त की कड़वी यादें

तेरी आमद से घटी उम्र जहाँ में सब की
‘फ़ैज़’ ने लिक्खी है यह नज़्म निराले ढब की

meanings —
ख़ल्क़ – मानवता, हिंदसे – संख्या, जिद्दत – नया-पन, अगले /पिछले -गुज़रे हुए, क़रीने – क्रम, दहर – दुनिया. मीआद/मियाद – अवधि, बे-सबब – बे-वजह,ग़ालिबन – शायद, आमद – आना, ढब – तरीक़ा l

And yet, as a positive outlook and attitudes play a decisive role in life, I wish all A HAPPY NEW YEAR

And yet, as a positive outlook and attitudes play a decisive role in life, I wish all A HAPPY NEW YEAR

Indian Liberals Horrified

New RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das – unfit for being MA History, not St.Stephens

INDIAN LIBERALS ARE horrified. A Governor of the Reserve Bank of India has resigned. It is the biggest blow ever for Indian economy. It will collapse.  India will go begging in the international community. The country will be ruined.


But was India not begging the World Bank and IMF before?

Liberals: Oh, that was different. It was before Indira Gandhi ‘hataoed’ all ‘Garibi’ (removed all poverty) in the country. One press of the button and her son Rajiv Gandhi swept India into the 21st Century and prepared for the conversion of the entire country into more progressive faiths than the reactionary and backward Hinduism.

Liberals: But RBI governors had resigned before.

Dr Y.V. Reddy had  resigned during Congress-led UPA-1 government (Sep 05, 2008).
A Ghose had resigned  after differences with  Rajiv Gandhi Government.
within 20 days after his appointment,  on February  4, 19885.
M. Narasimham had resigned on  May 02, 1977  after being for just six months in office as RBI Governor.  He was appointed only on  November  30, 77.
N. C. Sen Gupta  was RBI Governor only from May 19, 1975 to August 19, 1975 a’  He tendered his resignation  after just three months.
Dr Man Mohan Singh too did  not complete his  three year term as the then Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi had removed him on January 14, 1985.
Amitav Ghosh replaced him, but lasted only for about  20 days.
R.N. Malhotra took over from Ghosh.
Dr Manmohan Singh as the then Finance Minister in P.V.  Narasimha Rao Government removed S Venkitaramnan as RBI Governor.  Venkitaramnan. an ex- IAS officer.  was in the post for only one year as Dr Singh wanted C Rangarajan as RBI Governor
But the new Governor Shaktikanta Das, also ex-IAS,  is an MA in History. He is not from St. Stephens or Doon School, which means he is illiterate.
LiberalsPlease Google and find out the educational qualifications of all ex-Governors of RBI and all politicians in India who were in power at some time or the other.
And also as why an old man was preferred over a Stephanean graduate with Wharton  (USA) degree of MBA to the CM of  Rajasthan.
Liberals: Anyone who says this is a Modi Bhakt (devotee), communal and…..
….and not a dynasty devotee.

Beyonce and Beyond: Twitter Debates

Beyonce, in Indian designed dress, dances at Jodhpur

TWITTER NEEDS JUST any excuse to break into a public debate on any issue, with the users of this social media platform ‘tweeting’ views both far and against the issue.


A Twitter tweet on the American singer-dancer Beyonce dancing at the wedding, in Jodhpur, of Isha, daughter of India’s richest man, Mukhesh Dheerubhai Ambani touched off one such debate. Thousand tweeted – some expressing resentment at Ambani spending 100 million dollars (Rs.7.2 crore), others supporting Ambani and still others admiring the dresses worn by Beyoncé or Isha or saying how cute they looked.

In the good old days when there were no social media like Twitter. such expressions of

isha ambani.jpeg
Isha Ambani, dress admired

opinion was done by those who gossiped. And the rulers (yes, dynastic kings) kept track of what was being said and acted to satisfy the majority (yes, they were democratic).


Thus it was that Lord Rama of Indian mythology, told that a washerman expressed doubts about Sita’s chastity after she was kidnapped and held hostage by Ravana, asked her to prove it in an agnipareeksha (trial by fire) though he himself had no doubts.

Some tweets on the Isha Ambani marriage were outraged at such extravagant spending in a country where several hundred thousand still lived under the poverty line, where millions were homeless, many villages had dilapidated schools or none at all and where a campaign had to be launched to build toilets in rural homes.

Still others said the show-off of wealth by the Ambanis (whose house in Mumbai cost several million dollars) meant the money went to thousands who provided the services for the occasion and was, therefore, better than being hoarded.

Many calculated how many rural or slum houses  for the homeless or rural schools or toilets could have been  built with that money. Those used to mentally converting all dollar figures into rupees pointed out that the $100 million meant Rs.726,3300,000 at today’s exchange rate. Some felt it was nothing compare to India’s needs, but others saw it as a huge amount given per capita income in India is Rs.120979.78 per year (average Indian family is of 5 persons, that is almost  Rs. 603986 a year per family).

This average included families which earn in millions per month, which means others earn below subsistence income. There can be much said on both sides. For a country of India’s proportions 726.33 million rupees is a paltry sub;  for those earning as little as  Rs. 10081  it is a huge amount.

It is obvious that ostentatious lifestyles are not for a developing country and  that money should be spent productively. Extravagant spending on weddings in India, especially by people who cannot afford it, is a social problem.

The virtues of voluntary poverty or giving away things not really needed (though wanted) as advocated by Mahatma Gandhi are being realised all over the world, including the rich countries.

After all, you come into the world with nothing and take nothing with you when going. 

Khankhoje, Revolutionary Now Forgotten

Dr Khankoje- a rare photo
Dr Khankoje- a rare photo

IN MY LAST BLOG I wrote about how many who fought for India’s freedom have been deliberately suppressed by those who believed in dynasty rule.

If Rani Laxmi Bai of Jhansi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Rajguru, Bismil, Chandrasekhar Azad and others are remembered, it is inspite of those who ruled India for decades and not because of them.

And their successors are many today, like the professor who called Indian revolutionaries ‘terrorists’ or the Lok Sabha party leader who alleged none of them “bark” for India’s freedom while only the Nehru family did.

Among the many revolutionaries so ignored is Pandurang Sadaashiv Khankhoje who was a Minister in Mexico but believed Nehru when on the eve of freedom, he asked all such patriots to return.

So Dr Khankhoje returned with his Belgian wife to Nagpur, only to be ignored till some local people felt guilty and pressurized Nagpur University to appoint him, of all things, Superintendent of its hostel for boys, as it also had a bungalow just behind it for his family.

There he continued his work as an agricultural scientist ( as the house had a sizeable yard where he could farm. I used to meet him there frequently and remember that he was never bitter, though his wife was, about how he was treated

Here is what Wikipedia has on him:-

Khankhoje was born in November 1884 to a Marathi family at Wardha, where his father (Sadashiv) worked as a petition-writer. Young Khankhoje spent his childhood in Wardha, where he completed his primary and middle school education before moving to Nagpur for higher education. He was at the time inspired by the nationalist work of Bal Gangadhar Tilak. At some time in the first decade of the 1900s, (when he was still a boy) Khankhoje left India on a voyage that ultimately saw him settle in the United States. Here he enrolled in the Washington State College (now called Washington State University), graduating in 1913. His earliest nationalist work abroad dates back to the time around 1908 when he, along with Pandit Kanshi Ram founded the Indian Independence League in Portland, Oregon. His works also brought him close to other Indian nationalists in United States at the time, including Tarak Nath Das. In the years preceding World War I, Khankhoje was one of the founding members of the Pacific coast Hindustan association, and subsequently founded the Ghadar Party. He was at the time one of the most influential members of the party. He met Lala Har Dayal in 1911. He also enrolled at one point in a West Coast military academy.

Through World War I, Khankhoje was intricately involved in the Hindu–German Conspiracy when he was involved in the plans for the mutiny. He visited Europe during the war and subsequently went to Mesopotamia along with other members of what was the Berlin Committee. In the summer of 1915, he clandestinely worked among roops of the Indian expeditionary force, spreading nationalist literature and hoping to incite a mutiny.

Through the course of the war, Khankhoje made his way through Turkey and Persia under different Muslim guises as far as Baluchistan, spreading Ghadarite propaganda en route.

He is known to have attempted insurrections and raised at the Iran-Baluchistan border while Mahendra Pratap‘s Indo-German expedition attempted to rally the Afghan Emir Habibullah Khan against British India.

Towards the end of the war, Khankhoje, like most of the members of the Berlin committee, began turing towards communism.

He is known to have been in Soviet Union in company of the earliest Indian communist, including Virendranath Chattopadhyaya, M. P. T. Acharya, M. N. Roy, Abdur Rab Barq. He met Lenin at Moscow in 1921. For his nationalist work at the time, he was banned from returning to India as a highly dangerous individual.

Khankhoje later moved to Mexico in the 1920s, where he was a professor of Botany and Crop Breeding in the National School of Agriculture in Mexico.

In 1936, Khankhoje married Jean Alexandrine Sindic, a Belgian women in Mexico by whom he had two daughters. He led the Mexican corn breeding program and was appointed director to the Mexican Government’s department of Agriculture.

Pandurang and Jean returned to India after 1947. His application for visa was initially rejected by the Indian government due to the ban by the British Indian Government, but was eventually overturned.

He settled in Nagpur and embarked subsequently on a political career. Pandurang Khankhoje died on 22 January 1967.

His two daughters are Savitri and Maya. The younger one, Maya, was on the editorial board of ‘Monitor’, a student weekly I started as a teenager.

Savitri (now Savitir Sawhney) wrote in an article on her father ” Born into a Brahmin family that treasured learning above all else, Khankhoje was mentored by his grandfather, who taught him to recognize the inequity and violence of British colonial rule. The Indian famine of 1896–97, due to the failure of the monsoon as well as an administrative breakdown engineered by the British, left a deep mark on Khankhoje, one that was to determine his choice of a career bringing together revolutionary and agrarian concerns in pursuit of social justice.

Though not mentioned in the sketch above I remember he was a Minister in the Ghadar Party’s Government of India in Exile.
Many may not know Nehru’s was not the first Government of India. At least two governments in exile preceded his.
© copyright B. Someswar Rao

Journalism of Fake News Era


Lt. Col. Sandeep Ahlawat (courtesy: SOLDIERING)
HAVING BEEN A journalist since 1956 (though first newspaper appointment letter only in 1958) I am dismayed at today’s journalism of Fake News, paid news and sensationalism for TRPs.

It was therefore heartening to see the rejoinder of Lt. Col. Sandeep to a cartoon published by The Economic Times equating the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) to a housing society guard.

‘Liberals’ who were silent when thousands of Kashmiri pandits were uprooted and thrown out of J&K are now shedding copious tears for Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar as India refused to admit them.

A political party which lives on vote bank politics may have inspired their sorrow. As it is a Times of India group publication, I presume it may not be a case of paid news.

I take the liberty to publish the entire rejoinder here:

Dear Economic Times/Mr R Prasad,
Your Cartoon on (my Chief of Army Staff and) the Chief of the Army Staff of the second largest Army in the world is hopelessly distasteful, and downright repugnant and flawed on the following counts.

1. A guard at the housing society is not responsible for the territorial integrity of the housing society but CAOS is responsible for the territorial integrity of the Republic of India!!

2. A guard at the housing society does not put his life in the line of fire when situations like 26/11 happen but COAS and his men will not let a Kasab and Co inflict death and mayhem on our countrymen, come what may!! Remember the heart warming sight of soldiers slithering down the chopper, yes… the then COAS had ordered them??

3. A guard at housing society will not land a chopper at rooftop to save a pregnant lady and her unborn child but COAS and his men will stand between nature’s fury and our countrymen like a rock of Gibraltar!!

4. Guard at the housing society does not receive body bags of his men at technical area of Palam airport every alternate day, but COAS does this with a heavy heart and a bleeding soul and he and only he understands the pain of saluting the mortal remains of our fallen comrade !!

5. Last but not the least the guard at the housing society has not taken an oath to serve the Union of India, observe and obey all commands of the President of India even to the peril of his live. COAS and his men will save both the constitution and the Editorial staff of Economic time even at the cost of certain death so that you live in free India and exercise their FoE with Impunity!!

Warm regards,
A hurt serving officer of Indian Army.
Lt Col. Sandeep Ahlawat
Armoured Corps.

PS. Mr R Prasad, please don’t take advantage of the fact that ….. you as a cartoonist enjoy full complement of constitutional rights along with fruits of freedom which the COAS has provided you at the cost of his and his men’s life. Please show some character and don’t brutalise the hon

our of the only organisation that not only keeps the nation together but keeps it “First” always and every time!! And yes illegal migrants must be deported forthwith because you and your ilk do not understand National Security and business of war fighting just as I and my tribe does not understand the business of making cartoons!!

About Sandeep Ahlawat

Lt. Col. Sandeep Ahlawat is a serving officer in Indian Army. Previously, He had sent a legal notice to Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar when they wanted to auction the “Original Naval Officers Uniform” that Akshey Kumar had worn in movies Rustom. The star couple had to withdraw the auction after Col Ahlawat’s objection