A Salute To Sanjukta

A Terror to Bodo terrorists

MANY TALK OF WOMEN AS THE ‘WEAKER SEX’ OR TALK of  them as victims of a patriarchal social system. They, obviously, may not have  heard of Sanjukta Parashar IPS, who can put many male officers to shame.


A post (in Marathi) which went viral  on social media said, “When you see the slim and beautiful lady pass before you, you could not have  Continue reading A Salute To Sanjukta

The Northeast Again

<Assam’s Kamakhya temple

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Some people are attracted to the Northeast only as tourists as there are many beautiful spots there. Some like it for the wildlife sanctuaries. Others because it is one part of the country facing many invasions Continue reading The Northeast Again

Need To Re-discover India

REMEMBER THE TIME, NOT LONG AGO, when every gaidinliuSouth Indian in Delhi, Lucknow, or Rajasthan or anywhere in the North was referred to by the locals as a ‘Madrasi’?  Or every North Indian in the South a Marwari?

The ignorance of, and misconceptions about, linguistic or ethnic groups other than their own  has been massive, but is reducing gradually. Earlier people from south moved north for jobs. Most ‘babus’ were Tamilians and almost all nurses, anywhere in India, Malayalees (they mostly are,  even now).

Migration, to some extent, brought Indians with different languages, faiths and cultures a little closer. There used to be a National Integration Council and when a crisis like war or a major disaster occurred efforts were made to make all the citizens feel united.

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