Nagpur Now, Vidarbha Next?

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari (centre), with RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat to his left.

JUST WHEN YOU ARE RESIGNED TO THE FACT THAT ALMOST NO ONE reads your blog posts, someone surprises you with a comment.

Jokes about his ‘ample weight’ apart, would he be Vidarbha’s first CM?

Five days ago I wrote about the bonanza of development Nagpur, “the heart of India” as the country’s central point, is about to get due, not to the long overdue industrialisation but to the enforcement of GST from July 1.

Not one Nagpurian seems to have read it, as none reacted, though links to the blog were sent to many. Suddenly I learnt it was the 100th.  I felt ‘UnstoppaleAfterSeventy’  was ‘stoppable’ after 100.  So I stopped writing.

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Culture, Traditions and Cruelty

Timageshe Tamil people’s fight for lifting the ban on Jallikattu, the game of taming fierce bulls, has taken a strange turn –  it became a leaderless, directionless, violent, agitation with new demands being added to it every day.
It took an ugly turn with the National Flag burnt and slogans raised against  Prime Minister Continue reading Culture, Traditions and Cruelty