‘Injuns’ Don’t Live On Trees,But…

Headline of the day in London’s bank street  —  Modi’s landslide victory in UP

A VIDEO OF CANARY  WHARF, THE BANKING HUB OF LONDON, showing the electronic marquee with flashing letters that said ‘Modi wins  landslide victory in India’s biggest state‘ was posted to many  by a friend.

It did make me proud …and also  set me thinking.

If Modi’s  win in UP is flashed in London bank street it  is only  because UK banks get big money from India. In USA most people think  we ‘Injuns’  live on trees  and  are beggars. Perhaps 90 pc of people in US and Europe would  not know who Modi is. His coming to power was a small item on inside pages there.

Their ignorance is as much, if not more,  than that in remote rural India. Western channels including Nat Geo show ONLY the negative side of India. Switching on NG recently, I found a documentary on India showing cows lazily chewing the cud sitting on crowded roads.

True India became more noticed after Modi’s whirlwind tour of the world and the recent launching of 104 satellites into space on a single launch vehicle by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation). It ‘shocked’ the CIA chief in the US and made others take note.

At that time  there was news  of the  ISRO chief had saying ISRO had sought Government clearance to launch a space station.  The Congress must have got two reactions to it ready –  one against and the other for the space station idea.

If the clearance is given, Diggy Raja (Digvijay Singh) would say that poverty and starvation still exist in India with Modi doing nothing but sleep over the people’s problems, which were more important than the space station.

If the permission was denied,  someone like Abhishek Sanghvi would immediately allege the Modi Government was against science and  modernity and was taking the country back into the stone age.

They found fault with attempts to eradicate black money. The surgical strike on Pakistan was criticised. Opening of crores of bank accounts for the poor was assailed.The diplomatic offensive against Pakistan was derided. They patronise Vijay Mallyas, but blame Modi for it

Even the movements for cleanliness,  rural toilets and girls’ education  were ridiculed. Dozens of such examples can be given.

In sharp contrast, Vajypayee  praised Indira Gandhi as Durga when she helped  liberate Bangladesh.  Within weeks of Modi coming to power he was asked why money stashed abroad was not brought back. The DDs (dynasty devotees) do not say why ‘Garibi Hatao’ slogan went on for years, with only the dynasty’s poverty removed.

True cows on streets, filth all around, offices and buildings inaccessible to handicapped people, lakhs living in slums, caste system  and many such problems still exist in India. (Don’t add “despite 67 years of Congress rule”. The dynasty did prosper.)

The new government, only half-way though its first term,   cannot set  everything right overnight. That it has started is obvious, except to the blind. The Opposition thinks it is its duty to put hurdles in its way, to ensure that it fails.

We have to set our house in order for the world to admire India. That day will come.








Cong Plays Gandhi Poltics

khadi-calendar-modi-aol-storageWriting on politics, I had said in a blog post (‘Scavenging With Pen‘) has been a dirty job which I tried to avoid.  But you cannot escape it when political sloganeering defying  logic is unthinkingly accepted by many  as truth.

Congress is making a hue and cry over a picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi  in the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) calendar and diary for 2017. KVIC  has pointed out that the Mahatma’s picture was omitted from the  1996, 2002, 2005, 2011 , 2012 and 2013 calendar  during Congress rule. No one had raised a finger then. Quotes from the Mahatma were on most pages of the  new calendar and diary, KVIC said.

True the KVIC should not have put Narendra Modi’s picture there, as Continue reading Cong Plays Gandhi Poltics