Lessons Dug Out From The Thailand Cave

Not just the boys, several lessons also came out from the Thai rescue

THE WHOLE WORLD was following with abated breath the admirable efforts to save 13 Thailand boys stuck in a cave,

At that very time, 35 people died in Mumbai due to potholes left by the civic authorities unrepaired and not a single head rolled.

No one even resigned.

The very first rain of the season has caused devastation but it failed to teach us the lessons which the Thai disaster did. Some of them are:

1) The identity of none of the children been divulged.

2) Their families were not hounded by TV channels for stupid exclusive interviews about how they felt.

3) The government did not glorify itself for the great steps it was taking.

4) The opposition did not politicise the issue and blame the government for failures, real and imaginary.

What if this happened in India? As a social media postings put it, Indian media would have tried to outdo each other in interviewing officials and even the cave bats and showing sordid pictures of hungry kids.

The Congress would have blamed BJP on Arnab Goswami show, with idiots like Kumar Ketkar and Danish Ali putting the blame on RSS.

The post says all search engines and Google would have been flooded with queries on the caste and religion of trapped boys.

“With Rubbish Kumar harping on this and the Behenji claiming that”, the TV debates would have “just raised the noise levels without saying anything of substance.”

A “Manuwadi Conspiracy” theory would have been evolved saying all the efforts were because all the boys were of high caste.

A feminist would have claimed that had the victims been girls no such rescue efforts would have been made.

“The football coach involved would have been crucified after media trial and his family home would’ve been picketed by grandparents who are still students in JNU”

Elon Musk would have signed a deal with India Government to provide a submarine to rescue the boys.

The doctors treating the boys would have been beaten black and blue for dereliction of duty.

The anonymous post points out that not only was it done quietly without fanfare but there were many others who helped quietly. For example:

— a nearby shop owner selling oxygen cylinders gave as many as required for free.
— a Muslim woman cooked halal food for Muslim divers on all the days.
— a laundry owner washed all the rescuers’ clothes for free all the days.
— nearby people brought food in the required quantities.
— farmers of a village nearby readily agreed to their fields being inundated with water pumped out of the cave and lost an entire year’s farm produce willingly.

— water pump operators then pumped the water out of then their fields voluntarily.
— divers came from all over the world..
It was pointed out that different people in different civilizations behave differently on such occasions.

The quality of people becomes evident from these actions.