Infy: Ethics Or Pot Of Gold


N.R.Narayana Murthy. (Image:Google)

was about the crisis in Infosys which led to the CEO and MD of the company, Vishal Sikka, resigning, blaming the founder, N.R. Narayan Murthy for ‘personal attacks’.


Infosys is the most famous IT company of India. Infy and the first among  its founders, N. R. Narayana Murthy can be credited with pioneering India’s entry into outsourcing  and IT industry and determining its corporate culture. Murhty himself is known to be  a highly ethical visionary.

When I posted on the death of Om Puri, Prof. Yash Pal  and Dr. U.R. Rao, I took care not to write what is available in published obits and on Google, confining myself to personal contacts and what is known to me first-hand.  I hope this is NOT the obit of Infy, but still I will abide by that norm.

Vishal Sikka
Vishal Sikka (Image: Google)

It was almost two decades ago, when NRN was still the chairman of Infosys. A new batch of engineering recruits had joined and some of them were chatting at a coffee machine in the corridors of one of the many buildings in the beautiful campus. They looked  (and felt) like college (some even like senior school) students.

They saw NRN himself  walking  down the corridor  with some foreign guests. By now 

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Waning Press Freedom in India

 May 1 march  to Ranchi  planned  to seek Majithia Wage Board implementation

FREEDOM OF THE PRESS IN INDIA is reported to have slipped three places to the 136th place among 180 countries in the 2017 World Press Freedom Rankings, released by an international organisation ‘Reporters Without Borders‘.

India is placed three places above Pakistan and a rank below Palestine. The organisation attributed the fall to ‘rise of Hindu nationalists’, self-censorship by mainstream media and the threat of sedition charges.

Strangely, it blames ‘Hindu nationalism’ but not internationally financed  Islamic terrorism. Obviously a  ‘liberal, secular’  influence.

Whenever press freedom is mentioned, it is normal to see threats to it as coming only from the government. The present NDA government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is supposed to be not very close to the media. The earlier Congress government had developed a system of crony media by bestowing invisible favours on some.My Books_1

As a result, even after it imposed of the 21-month Emergency in 1975, some media still back the Congress, mostly out of hatred for ‘communal’  BJP. They are trying to bring the dynasty back to power, even by partisan reporting and interpretation, They lost their credibility in the process. Continue reading Waning Press Freedom in India