Thanksgiving? There is Much to be Thankful for

WHAT ARE YOU thankful for? A grandchild asked in the USA where Thanksgiving Day (last Thursday) is a big occasion.

I could not think of anything. That’s perhaps the reason why the day is not celebrated in India.

My ‘nothing’ shocked everyone. Are you not thaƱkful for being alive? No. I always wanted to end a meaningless and futile existence.

For your family? It only gives me pain – when I realise I am only a burden.

For all the good things you have had in life? I realise that they were all because of others. I did nothing to deserve them. My (late) wife and children tolerated my shortcomings and their good deeds were rewarded with my not causing them any more problems than I already created.

I could have come for just a few days – not months just to justify the big cost of flying here. But I realised it too late.

These are facts I cannot do anything about now.

Yes. There is much to be thankful for… that at almost 80 the end (hopefully) is not far away.