Ph.D. for 10th Fail Minister

Dr Tej 10th fail
A ‘doctorate’ degree for 10th-failed  minister of Bihar

WITH BOTH THE  MEDIA, mainstream or the other type, and the digital social media, all plagued by paid news and fakenews, losing credibility, it is hard to believe any information that floods our devices.

So when the news of Tej Pratap Yadav, whose claim for being a Minister in the Bihar Cabinet is that he is the son of RJD supremo Continue reading Ph.D. for 10th Fail Minister

Non-Profits or Fake NGOs?

Funds always come for good causes

YEARS AGO, WHEN I MENTIONED I WAS with some N.G.O.s, someone remarked with a smirk on his face, “Oh, then you must have made a lot of money”.

That symbolizes what  many people think of Non-Governmental Organisations or NGOs.

Eliminate the weeds to nurture real trees

They are more appropriately called non-profits in the USA as not all government bodies need be without profit motive and private organisations include even firms working solely for profit. The UN prefers to call them voluntary organisations and an annual Day of Volunteerism is observed

The Supreme Court of India has recently Continue reading Non-Profits or Fake NGOs?