Can A ‘Yogi’ Be CM?

A YOurlGI IS BELIEVED TO BE ONE WHO HAS renounced all  worldly possessions and desires.

The decision  of Bharatiya Janata Party to name Yogi Adityanath as the Chief Minister of India’s biggest state came as a surprise and has been called a big gamble by the party as a part of its strategy to win the 2019 Parliamentary elections. Continue reading Can A ‘Yogi’ Be CM?

Democracy And The Mob

03dalit-inyt-master675n the Western model of democracy which India chose to adopt, 51 is right and 49 is wrong.

This poses the danger of a demagogue appealing to chauvinistic nationalism or religious fanaticism, or promising populist measures to create a “wave” and get the support of 51 per cent who are wrong as against the 49 who are right. With dozens of parties and low voting, Continue reading Democracy And The Mob