Political Rivalry Not Enmity

China Rahul
Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka, Robert Vadra and his mother with the Chinese Ambassador

SEVENTY YEARS OF INDEPENDENCE AND DEMOCRACY SHOULD HAVE TAUGHT INDIA one of the most basic axioms of politics — political rivalry is  NOT enmity.

It is said there are no permanent enemies in politics. Those who criticised a party’s Continue reading Political Rivalry Not Enmity

Lawyers Are Not Liars

‘Arguing’  outside courts

IN MANY  HINDI  FILMS  IT  IS  difficult to notice the difference in  pronunciation  of ‘lawyer’ and ‘liar’. When you talk of judges (Nov.3, 2016 post ‘Judging Judsearchges‘) lawyers cannot be far from your thoughts.


Judges come from the community of lawyers. A popular Hindi serial of the last generation was titled ‘Sas bhi kabhi bahu thi’ (the mother-in-law too was a daughter-in-law once). Similarly judges too were lawyers once.While judges
are among the most respectable and revered members of  the  society, even lawyers
imgres would admit that the ‘reputation’ they enjoy does not match that of judges. Lawyer jokes outnumber the Rajnikant or Sardar jokes in India and can fill many pages.

Derisive jokes about lawyers in the USA are too many ( On a tombstone: “Here lies John, a lawyer and an honest man”. Visitor: “Oh, two people buried in a single grave!”). How many Continue reading Lawyers Are Not Liars

Politics of Tears, Jokes, Tweets

Chinnamma sheds tears with television cameras focussed on her. OPS stages a drama at the Amma Samadhi earlier. Hundreds tweet comments and jokes on the power struggle.

Public memory may be phenomenally short, but not short enough to forget a letter of apology by Sasikala declaring her family members who had become power centres and reportedly amassed wealth as ‘personal non grata’ and then  see them all there,  as soon as  Amma died, to take over the house whose whose doors were closed for them.

So the promise in the letter to keep them away  was a lie? The humble, grovelling, ‘mixture mama’ was good enough to be CM thrice, but suddenly becomes a ‘traitor’!

How could a people known to be highly intelligent and capable stand the sight of ministers and legislators prostrating before a ‘leader’,  see a  Chief Minister to be treated like a menial and stopped from seeing the dying leader after going to the hospital every day for weeks or  fall for a politics of freebies and sops to voters  at tax-payers’ cost?

The social media are flooded with jokes and comments about the political developments in Tamil Nadu, which seem to be driven by tears, melodrama, Twitter tweets, WhatsAppp posts and  blatant power-struggle  based not on ideology, policies  or capability but personality and gimmicks..

Can politics get dirtier?