Why Not Advani For President?


LAL KRISHNA ADVANI, THE VETERAN BJP LEADER, was ridiculed in a post, perhaps by a Dynasty Devotee, that went around online recently,

Advani yesterday and Today. President tomorrow?

It was a picture of him greeting Congress ‘Yuvaraj’ Rahul Gandhi with folded hands. In the imaginary conversation, he was telling Rahul that he would need Congress votes as the Presidential election was coming soon.

Then it occurred to me, “Why not Advani as President?” I have no idea if ‘Modi Bhaktas’ had considered him for the post as,  out of disgust, I stopped reading newspapers and followed events only online.A refined, cultured Advani, a  journalist by profession, used to write in excellent English against English in his column ‘The  Continue reading Why Not Advani For President?