Fake Secularism Just For Fashion


‘Didi’ Mamata Banerjee who refused to address a meeting along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi simply because she was greeted with shouts of protest when she objected to ‘Jai Sreeram: but chose at another meeting to recite a Muslim prayer, has written to Sonia the boss of dynastic Congress and other parties to come together to eradicate BJP and it’s communalism. For her being Hindu is communal but seeking Muslim votes is very secular. At the same time she can flaunt her Gotta and Brahmin origin to get Hindu votes which she fears losing in the polling being held today. Whether the electorate will see through this game will be known only on May 2. However, the scourge of fake seculars and liberals playing vote bank politics is a serious issue. They pretend that all Muslims who stayed back in India when the country was split on communal basis did so to reject the 2 nation theory ad were secular. That their choice was for the sake of property and their social contacts alone is not accepted. If this is true why did they vote for pro-partition forces is not explained. How did only Muslims get elected from seats where they had majority or ‘secular’ Congressmen only when there were no Muslim candidates,, or why so many terrorist ‘sleeping cells’ exist with local Muslim suoport in states like Kerala??

Many such questions reain unanswered. The ‘sickulars’ object to the ‘remote’ being in the hands of highly qualified agenda me who gave up everyting for the cause of RSS but do not mind a semi literate Italian who amassed wealth due to dynasty support or some mullahs holding it. This is taking a fashion fad too far Can they deny that India never tried to spread it’s faith though it had great impact on many nations, that it was once a predominantly Hindu country or that the Constituent Assembly had debated at length on calling it secular. When the Saudi kung visited the country, Nehru had all idols in Kadhu covered, but namaz on roads, blocking them, continues in India. But indians are not secular!