He Can Solve All Issues, But Did Not

‘FEARLESS’ RAHUL GANDHI had pointed out what a coward Prime Minister Narendra Modi
was in isolating Pakistan and China in the United Nations Security Council, making it the lone member supporting global terrorist and Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Mahmood Azar.

Even his Tweet “I am Congress” -reminding old-timers of the ‘India is Indira, Indira is India’ slogan of Dev Kant Barooah during Emergency, did not stop his sister being brought into the party high command, showing that Congress felt Rahul is incapable of leading it in the coming Lok Sabha elections. It posed a question: If Rahul is Congress and Indira is India, who is Priyanka Vadra: the next PM?

THE aggressive electoral politics did not allow him to spare a dying leader known for honesty and efficiency – Manohar Parrikar. Even as Congress was plotting to overthrow him and form a government in Goa, he passed away, sending a wave of grief and shock through Goa. The seven-day mourning will not stop the bid for power.

Rahul is working overtime to assure the people that he or sister Priyanka, who alone had a dynastic right to rule India, will work miracles once in power. They will wipe out Garibi as their grandmother did, assure food and a minimum income for everyone even if they do not work, wipe out communalism and empower women by passing the Women’s Empowerment Bill stalled by its own supporters and make every farmer in the country a millionaire.

He declared he could buy advanced Rafale bombers from France for only Rs.1600 each while Modi was paying several hundred crores. They will do this just by declaring all Hindus terrorists, banning Saffron Terror and writing off the loans of all farmers – including those ‘farmers’ who show untaxable agricultural income from the ‘farming’ they do in their balcony or terrace gardens.

That was the reason they support a ‘son of the soil’ who is in the film industry, never soiled his hands by cultivating and has only two wives though they believe four should be allowed. And by supporting the triple talaq maulvis want.

Congress can wipe out garibi, make kisans debt free, empower women by pointing out that Indira Gandhi was the first woman Defence Minister of India for a few days (or hours?) and strengthen India’s defence by dilly-dallying for years over the purchase of Rafael bombers.

The communal, coward, anti-nationals foolishly ask: If Congress could do all that, why did they not do so when they ruled for almost 60 years?

Of course, they did not, only in national interest, as getting things too easy would weaken us. We must work hard, as ONLY the dynasty did.

Go Go…Goa


Beautiful sunset scene at a Goa beach
VISITING  GOA IS, today, considered the very symbol of romanticism. Goa is not only the ‘honeymoon destination’ but also the one for those who want to renew the thrill of being married.
News from Goa is mostly either about health of Manohar Parrikar or about flesh trade by women coming from Uzbekistan, Russia or one of the countries around them.
Tell-tale sign board in Goa

Years ago, it was about hippies coming there in large numbers and sunbathing, often nude,  on the beaches – to the chagrin of the locals. Protests over the nudism were frequently in news.

The Rajbhavan of Goa has very picturesque surroundings and every visitor should see it.
When I went to Goa decades ago,  Nakul  Sain, Congress leader Ambika Soni’s father, was the Lt. Governor  of Goa (then a union territory). He asked me what was the most striking thing about Goa.
I said it was that the people were very conservative and not ‘mod’  –  unlike the image of Mumbai Goans.
He told me the reason: When the Portuguese invasion came  villagers en bloc became Catholic just changing surnames, with the village inner  power structure unchanged. Joshis became D’Costas,  Chavans became Fonsecas and so on.
Customs remained the same. So was the region’s culture.
A Catholic bride wore green bangles and went to the famous Mangesh temple from the Cathedral after marriage – or so I was told then. In Mangesh temple, a modern brick and mortar structure, there is a protocol: locals  stand first in a row (they stand in  two rows not yo  block a view of the sanctum and  light from a mirror is reflected from outside on the idol at aarati time).
And that local may be a Catholic. Hindus visited the superb Cathedrals too. Hindu-Christian rivalry came much later when Congress resorted to caste politics
Konkani is spoken by all locals, with Christians writing it in Roman script and others in Devnagari (Marathi). So there is a Konkani daily newspaper in Roman and another in Marathi script.
Only when you are in Goa do you realise Konkani has a good literature and cultural heritage.  I was invited there to a Konkani poets’ seminar of on the impact Telugu poet Sri Sri on Konkani poetry.
The invite came when I went to a “Sankranti celebration” by a Telugu organisation and found a very poor veedhinatakam or nautanki  (poor, amateurish, show) being performed.
The man sitting next to me (who later  invited me to the seminar) responding to my sarcastic comment on it, said  they were all labourers who were building a bridge on Mandovi river at Panaji . (The bridge, in Panaji or Panjim, collapsed later.)
The organisation lent them the stage as they were homesick,  being away for a long time.
He told me they all come from one or two villages of Medak district (Telangana)  and are called Palamur (original name of the place) labour, a form of bonded labour where a lump sum is paid in advance and the entire joint family (except one brother who stays back to look after the house or land) goes to work.
All major Indian projects including Bhakra Nangal and Koyna were built by them as they are specialists in earth work, I was told.
I thought it (overnight conversion and Palamur labour) was good information. Now it would be called “unnecessary trash” and not as interesting as Taimur Khan’s diaper changes widely covered by our TV channels.
It was the pre-Google era. Now it would be considered “rubbish”.