Think Before You Foward

IN A POST  ‘FORWARDED AS RECEIVED‘ (Feb.24, 2017) I wrote about many who keep forwarding WhatsApp posts “as received”, sometimes even without fully reading them, often  without verification.

So a young mother may get a forward about herself ‘missing’ as a schoolgirl, urging all to report is they saw her, posted years ago, but Continue reading Think Before You Foward

Culture, Traditions and Cruelty

Timageshe Tamil people’s fight for lifting the ban on Jallikattu, the game of taming fierce bulls, has taken a strange turn –  it became a leaderless, directionless, violent, agitation with new demands being added to it every day.
It took an ugly turn with the National Flag burnt and slogans raised against  Prime Minister Continue reading Culture, Traditions and Cruelty