Many Social Media, Why One More?

FB did not stop others starting – each is special

“THERE ARE SO MANY SOCIAL MEDIA, WHY ONE MORE?, a reader asked in response to the post on ‘Table2Talk‘.  A very valid question. If that question was asked before, there would not have been several hundred social media listed by Wikipedia.

Many readers may not know that more than 60 such platforms have several million users each.  When MySpace was there long ago, why did so many others start? With Facebook  there, did all others close down?  Why are thrillers and other story books written when there are already millions of them?

Because each one has something special – a different appeal. Continue reading Many Social Media, Why One More?

Will ‘Table2Talk’ Be The Answer?


THE  SECOND  DECADE  OF THE  21st  CENTURY  IS  SHAPED  AND  DRIVEN  BY  SOCIAL MEDIA.  A whole new lifestyle is emerging, dictated by these online tools for maintaining virtual interpersonal relations, often without actual contact.

The Driving Force of 21st Century

Just as people have begun to feel that there are already too many social media platforms, most of them originating in that Mecca of technology, the United States of America, or in China, one more is being launched, this time from India– the nation that boasts of being both the world’s oldest civilization and the leader in Information Technology. It is called ‘Table2Talk’ and aims at connecting  but without the frivolity and loss of privacy  that mark many of the platforms today.     Continue reading Will ‘Table2Talk’ Be The Answer?