No Poster on This Wall

All I know about cricket is that they do not have goals. I  am amused at people watching filephotorahuldravidannouncesretirements7eeuhclynblthe  game for a full day and getting tensed up, or at girls running after cricket ‘stars’ for autographs.  So I am not a  fan of any cricketer.

And yet I felt Rahul Dravid refusing to accept an honorary doctorate from the Bangalore University  deserves to be applauded. Of all the cricketers in India, Dravid appears to be the most mature, level-headed and humble.

The University had announced that Dravid would be conferred an honorary doctorate on Friday, January 27. The cricketer politely declined the honour, saying that he would like to accomplish research in sports and earn the degree.

In 2014 Dravid chose to not attend a convocation of Gulbarga (now Kalburgi) University where he was to be awarded a similar honorary Continue reading No Poster on This Wall