Cong-rats! Irresponsible Creatures No More

RATS ARE NO MORE the irresponsible creatures they were believed to be.

They are now held responsible for the collapse of flyovers in Congress-ruled Punjab and eating away currency notes worth ₹ 12 lakhs from an ATM in another state.

Old-time auditors narrate how entries in inventory registers used to show “eaten away by white ants” against missing items of furniture or files, especially in remote frontier areas.

One such entry was for a road roller which an unscrupulous official sold to a road contractor. White ants, did not, however, eat away the brains of the auditors who unveiled the scam.

A missing road roller is a mere mouse compared to the elephantine scams that marked the 10 years of the UPA regime led by the Congress.

Now collapse of a multi-crore rupee bridge, building or flyover need not scare the engineers and contractors who used cheaper material to save enouh to pay the usual 10 per cent of ‘mamool’ to the Minister or a babu who passes the bills.

Or the official loading the ATM with less money and pocketing thr rest.

With the new responsible roles of the rodents, rats can now be blamed.

Cong-rats rats. You are responsible creatures now.