You Know Everything

A week ago, I wondered if books​ and blogs are read at all. Would anyone answer, I asked. And doubted it.

No one did. Because NO one read.

So I was right?  But there are bookshops​ and sales in millions and thousands ‘likes’ on posts, (other people’s) aren’t there?

The books, perhaps are bought for drawing room  decoration and the likes just for stats. 

That may just be the “grapes-are-sour” view of a failure. There are voracious readers and bookworms​ and a thriving book trade. It  big names sell.

So, I thought, I would say good bye to writing. If the writing itch strikes,  write something tearful, some sob stuff, as few words (shorter the better) of emotional outpouring. 

But not lengthy, informative suff. Who wants to know? Who has the time for an oldie’s memories full of knowledgeable baground and facts? 

And for those who want to know there is always God Google – the All Knowing. What do oldies know?

You know everything.

‘Prince’ Rahul Debunks Dynasty

BY A STRANGE COINCIDENCE, my post  ‘Top RSS and Modi Supporters in Congress‘ came almost on the day of  Rahul Gandhi’s diatribe against ‘dynasty rule’ in Telangana.

The post, which carried a picture of the entire Gandhi dynasty and their dog  watching lotuses (the BJP symbol) bloom in a lake, was about the dynasty devotees in Congress helping Modi to obliterate their own  party for ever — repeating on national level  what M. Bhaktavatsalam did in Tamil Nadu.

Everyone in the picture was a claimant for the Prime Minister’s throne – including the dog in which  the dynasty devotees would have found extraordinary powers and abilities if all others opted for power without responsibility, as Sonia Gandhi did. The criticism of

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